Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to Building It On Pennies!

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                Let me introduce ourselves, I am Jeanne and this is my Mom Rosemary ( say Hi Mom J )This blog is going to be a Mother Daughter project with a distinct purpose of sharing some of our projects and ideas with you. For years, we have found ourselves always doing projects or throwing parties together and our family and friends keep asking how did you do that, or how do you make that look so easy? So, here we are sharing “how we did that, and what made it so easy!”  Some great passions of ours are to cook, bake, present with style, and even set a formal table for a family of four to twenty four!  We are always looking for new and fun projects that look great without breaking the bank.  A few new things we have done lately are, glass etching, window pane painting, mosaic art, home decorating, we even through a medieval themed party for fifty 13 year olds.
                We are both new to the blogging network, so if there is something we can improve for you please let us know!
Thank You and can’t wait to get creative with you all.
Jeanne & Rosemary


  1. This is awesome Jeanne, I took a class on aromatherapy through my massage course so if you would like some help on what different oils can do for your body let me know.

  2. Thank You Beth! We will keep this in mind forsure!