Monday, April 4, 2011

Creating a large wall picture

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Confession time!  I have an unhealthy obsession with Hobby Lobby!
 Phew… ok now with that off my chest let’s start today’s blog. J
I have owned these 3 pictures for some time, even hung them in our last house.

I fell in love with the words and how each letter was created out of an item in nature or had a natural feel. I found them at Hobby Lobby they were $19.99 each and of course I bought them on sale for 50% off. I just couldn’t pass up these pictures for $30.00, but my dilemma was how to make them work on the huge long wall I wanted to place them on.
First, we will take a look at them in the old house

Not much of a look on my long chocolate brown wall. That is when I got the bright idea to make it look better by painting a mat and frame around it.

This look was much better but still boring. I lived with it like this for a couple of months then decided to paint a vine and some leaves on it.

Sorry not the greatest photo but it was the best I could find. I loved this look, wish I had more experience painting the leaves so they looked more real but no complaints.
Once we moved I thought ok I am going to repaint the wall just the way I had it before. But this time my walls are butter colored instead of brown, so I thought I would paint the mat brown. Well that is all that got done! J

We have lived here now for almost a year. I decided it was time to finish the wall painting.
First to make a larger wall painting you need to decide how big you would like it.

Then paint your mat on the wall and in a second color paint a frame around it.

I was not looking for the perfection look since my pictures are very different and natural. I measured the matte than free handed the frame.
Now in my opinion here comes the fun part! J
The stencil

I purchase this stencil on clearance at (yes you guessed it) Hobby Lobby for $4.13 a while back, I owned the Folk Art metallic gold paint and the stencil brush already.
This was not as hard as one would think and went pretty fast too.

I did have to do some free hand to fill in a gap on the side

I LOVE IT!  But after I hung the pictures back up I realized they were kind of blah compared to the beautiful gold trim on the wall.
Which led to this…

Painting the detail work on the frame with the same Folk Art metallic gold paint

My wall! I love it! Could not have asked for it to look any better or be any easier.
Hope you all have a day full of Love!


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  2. Ok I have to say the photo does my wall NO justice. My wall is absolutley BEAUTIFUL, I love it!