Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cupcake Topiaries

Pin It I was hired to make some cupcake topiaries for a bridal shower this weekend and loved LOVED them so much I had to share.

I don't have a photo of them in the center of the tables since they were picked up and I didn't deliver. But we did one in each color for the center of the table.
The bride to be and her mother were telling me about the plans for the shower and to be honest I wish I was invited! :)

Each person at the shower was given a pair of gardening gloves with seeds tied to me. (To cute)
The seed packet said
While the Spring Time again arrives,
Plant these seeds and watch them thrive.
Just like _______ and _______'s love,
They are blessed by God above.

It is such a cute April bridal shower idea I must say!

Ok on to the topiaries.
Here are the supplies

Plus cupcakes and toothpicks

Now if you were using a shorter pot you should not need the green foam, this was support for the foam ball.

I put the green foam in the bottom and pushed a sucker stick half way through the white foam ball

Then I just pushed the stick and ball into the green foam to create a secure center.

Now the fun part! I needed at least 7 cupcakes per topiaries. So I started with the top, and using cupcakes (unfrosted so I didn't mess them up) I mocked a layout of where they will go. Once I figured that out I start putting in toothpicks.

The cupcakes that will be on their side gets 2 toothpicks with a slight upward angle, and the ones on top 1 toothpick.

I ended up getting 8 cupcakes per topiaries.

Then I added "grass", it was a paper filler.

I finished and prepped all three.

(one thing to keep in mind is you are going to want to move around the grass when you put on the cupcakes)

Now decorate your cupcakes, I did mine to match the gardening gloves.

Then simply slide the cupcakes on the toothpicks and move around your grass, and this is what you get!

What a great center piece! I am thinking our Mother's Day dinner table will have a cupcake topiary for a center piece! :)  I see clay pots, summer flower cupcakes and some green tissue paper around the foam ball.

Happy Spring! :)


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  1. These are so cute! And I love that the cupcakes match the gardening gloves! :)

  2. These look great! Perfect for Mother's Day!
    Visiting you from Tip Junkie.

  3. Thanks ladies! I really loved the way they turned out.