Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diaper Tricycle (part 1)

Pin It I am so so so excited about this post. This past week I got to spend a couple of days with some great ladies (My Mom and one of my best friends Christi) creating a very special gift for another one of our friends.

This is not my first diaper cake but it is my first diaper tricycle. 
From the day the invite showed up I knew I wanted to do a diaper cake, knowing they can get very expensive I came up with a few ideas on smaller ones. After sharing my ideas with my Mom and Christi we decided it would great if the three of us did one together. That night we picked out a design and made a shopping list. We spent 3 weeks shopping, buying things on sale, at different stores and such (don't get me wrong I love this part too).
This is what we ended up with

List of Items:
Infant baseball cap
Teddy Bear
Infant sunglasses
1- Clear Bottle
1- Sports Blanket
4- receiving blankets
Case (84) of diapers
2 piece outfit
pack of 5 washcloths
5 onesies
1 Rattle
Set of keys
2- Bibs
2- pairs of socks
Me & God Book  (invite asked for books instead of cards)
Misc pieces of felt
Super cute polka dot fabric
Thread to accent
Large Cardboard for base (Since I am a cake decorator I used the cardboard you buy to under a cake but any would work you wont see it)
Here is the awesome thing 90% of this was on her registry.

First thing we had to do was prep,
I wanted to make little man onesies with a tie on them.
I started by cutting the tie out of construction paper to make sure I got the right size

I made 2 one for the teddy bear to wear and a extra just in case they decided to not undress Teddy.
We used wonder under on everything so it wouldn't move around in the washer or when we sewed it.

I cut it in two pieces so I would get the cute stitch when the tie is done.
After ironing the wonder under (just follow the directions on the package) I used a the beautiful royal blue thread and did a zigzag stitch around the tie.

I have to say it turned out PERFECT! I love the look and the Teddy sported the tie very well!

We dressed Teddy with the onesie, sunglasses and baseball cap and he was to cute and ready to go.

The next gift we made for her was a personalize basketball outfit. My Mom took the blue pants with matching jacket. She cut out a S (babies last name) and 2 orange circles out of felt.

We again used the wonder under on the 3 felt pieces to keep them in place and then she trimmed around them with the sewing machine in black thread and made the basketball lines.

The doted bouncy line she embroidered to leave the print of the ball bouncing down the leg.
She followed this up by decorating a onesies with fabric markers to match.

The finished outfit! Too cute if you ask me!

There is one more gift we made for her and that was the babies name banner.
We started with three colors of felt pieces, orange, baby blue and ivory.
We cut out flags and letters
Again we used wonder under to secure the two pieces of felt.
Then I used the same zigzag stitch I did on the tie around the letters

I followed that up buy sewing the letters (in name order) onto a royal ribbon that matched the thread color.

We sewed the name on two different ribbons so she can hang it anyway she wants.
In order for easy hanging I hand stitched a metal ring at each end.
I measured 6 inches from the tip of the felt at all four ends and just attached it. It turned out so cute and easy, I think it took us longer to cut out the letters than anything else.

The invite had asked for a book for Mommy and Baby to read instead of a card but we just had to make a card too.  :)

Christi made the card out of stuff in the scrapbook pile

It was super cute and matched the gift perfectly!
Then she followed up by tying a ribbon around the book and sliding the card on

It looked and went perfect with the gift.

Ok I hate to be this way but my post has gotten super long and I haven't even gotten to the building of the bike.
Guess that makes this a part 1! Look for part 2 on Tuesday!

Have a great night!

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  1. This is such a cute idea!!!
    Come and link up your idea tomorrow at our What I Made Wednesday Linky Party!!!

    Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

  2. This was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda makes me wanna have another baby just so you guys can make me one!!! lol

  3. WOW, this is amazing! Love how you personalized everything, so much time and love in this gift!!!

  4. What great projects. The Tricycle in unbelievable.

  5. Thank you for the great comments ladies. We really enjoyed blessing our friend with this diaper cake.