Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diaper Tricycle (part 2)

Pin It I am so glad it is Tuesday and my turn to post again! I can not wait to share the rest of the diaper cake with everyone!
Check out part 1 here for the homemade gifts that helps made this diaper cake so so cute!

Tonight we are going to talk about actually making the tricycle.
First thing we did was made ribbon to match the tie on the onesies
We used the left over fabric and Steam-A-Seam 2 and followed directions on the Steam-A-Seam package

Very Easy to make a matching ribbon this way.

Next we had to roll the diapers
We had a case (84) diapers and 2 round cake pans     1-8 inch round and 1-10 inch round
we used the 10 inch for the front tire since they are larger than the rear's on a tricycle.

This is one rear wheel and the front wheel.

You have to stuff the diapers in the same direction and very tight.
Once your cake pan is ready slightly tuck your ribbon in the edge of the pan
Pull the ribbon tight and remove the pan (Holding the ribbon)

At this point we put a dab of hot glue on the ribbon to held it til it dried.
(FYI we found the making of the tires very easy with 2 people, you might want to find a friend to help)

Next we slide a rolled up receiving blanket through the center of the diapers  and secured it with a rubber band

Repeat these steps with all three tires.

The Rear tires.
 You will need to slide the rubber band knots to the inside of the tires so you can attach them together.
We used a washcloth to hid the extra blanket and a little scotch tape to keep in place.

Front Tire
First thing is to take another washcloth and wrap around the body of the clear bottle
Then we lifted our rubber band slightly and slipped in 1 of the bibs (as a guard for the tire) and the bottle

After which we took 2 toilet paper rolls and cut a slice in them and rolled them smaller to make handles and slide them in the ends of the blanket.

Then we added the socks to create handles

Isn't it looking so so cute?!?!?
Don't worry we are almost done!

Extra diapers
We had about 18 extra diapers, we used them to make a seat and hid the rest under the rear spoke.
To make the seat we just simply rolled 7 diapers in the 4th receiving blanket.

This is the back of the bike with seat and extra diapers

Last thing to do to the back of the bike is to place the 2nd bib

And there it is! Too cute for words if I do say so myself.

At this point we took the large piece of cardboard and covered it with a very soft blanket she had registered for and placed the rear tires.

We had a few leftovers (4 washcloths and 2 onesies) so I piled them up under the blanket to give the front tire a little lift.

Added a rattle and a set of keys to the handle bars and set in the front tire.

Our last step was to add the teddy bear.
He was defiantly cute enough to stand on his own!

But he made the bike even more cute!

We wrapped the outfit so Teddy wouldn't show up without a gift and attached it to the rear tire, places the book with the card and name banner and Waa laa! A super Cute totally Amazing  gift for an Amazing couple welcoming their baby boy!



  1. OH MY GOSH! This is amazing! Thanks for the awesome TUT !

  2. How did you attach the front wheel to the back wheels?

    1. They are not attached, they are two pieces and we just pushed them together.

    2. The blanket from the front tire sat against the diapers that made the seat and the teddy bear sat on it all to hold it in place.

  3. Is there anything you do with the bottle to make sure it doesn't fall off?

    1. Nope, all we did was wrap the bottle with a wash cloth and held it tight with the blanket.

  4. OMG you are truly amazing!! I am in awe reading your post. How do you find these ideas? Are you creating them all yourselves or ideas from here or there? The two of you are soooooo gifted and talented. WOW
    Thank you for sharing, and do you mind if I take your ideas and make one, please?
    Happy Holidays to you and your family,

    1. Please make some :) That is why we share them!