Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fridays Shopping Trip

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Friday Morning Jeanne & I set out on a shopping trip, we had such an exciting day I wanted to tell you about it. It had already been decided to make it a day of clearance shopping. So after stopping at a few different stores we ended up finding the great deals of the day at Michael's Crafts. This is what I bought.
Pictured here is Folk Art HD Background & Texture Tool Kit, Folk Art One Stroke DVD Texture Floral Painting, Folk Art One Stroke DVD Patio Painting & a set of American Girl Fabric Markers. Total Retail Price is $46.96 But I only paid $9.29.
All the Folk Art was on 90% make down, the Texture Tool was .89 cents, the one DVD was $1.49 and the other one was $1.39. The Fabric Paints were only marked down 50% so I paid $4.99 but I really wanted them.

When Jeanne & I Clearance shop we usually go in the door and right to the sides and back walls, most store put all there marked down items in these areas. Many stores also have a designated isle for clearance so look for those too.

Jeanne got some excellent deals too, I hope she adds to this post and tells you about her buys, I'm so excited about it I want to go back and look for my more great stuff. I know! why don't we go check out a different Micheal's store and see what they have on clearance! What do you say Jeanne up to another shopping trip?

Hope you get a chance to get out there and look for some deals for your self, and if you find something good I would love to here about it.


Hello :)
     If you haven't noticed yet, all my blogging is in purple and my mom's is in the beautiful brown color.

Ok shopping, I have to say I was so shocked when I saw my total at the check out. I was expecting to spend about $18-20.00 when the cashier told me my balance was $9.27 I was shocked but in a good way for sure!
    This is what I bought  

   Ok I will admit I am not the great shopper my Mom was this trip because I bought magnets @$6.99 (regular price) but I need them! lol Actually they were on my list and I haven't been able to find the right size til now. My other items were an embroidery kit (my newest want to know how to do item) normal price $19.99 clearance price $1.99 that price alone is worth all the tread this kit comes with. My other great find was plastic cement glue normal price was $2.99 clearance price $0.29!
    I defiantly want to go back and soon! I already have a list of items I want. There were some books that were clearance mark between $7-9.00 I was not willing to pay that price but I am willing to pay $2-3.00 for them. Some beautiful gem stickers in the scrapbook area, and clear rubber stamps. Ok lets go tomorrow! :)
Hope everyone has a great day don't forget to take time to be creative!

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