Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girls Night Part 1

Pin It About once a month I through a dinner party. There is 8-10 of us girls that get together for chit-chat, great food and some kind of a yummy drink. We usally try for some sort of a theme and everyone brings a dish or drinks to go with that theme. Last months theme was Italian, and nothing goes better with Italian food than wine! This post is about the wine station, I just want to show you a few easy tricks to set up a nice drink station.

Here is my wine station, there are a few simple projects that make a huge different.

First the wine bucket, it was something I purchased from Walmart about 5 years ago. The bucket is clear plastic I just fill it with ice and add bottles!

Next is the wine glasses, you can find the tutor on how to make the rings here I did add some dragonflies to them to change them up alittle for the night.

To add the dragonflies I simple put some jewerly jump rings  on some metal slasps.

Once you have the ring on just slide on the ring and there you go!

I love my wine rings or stemware jewerly and will continue to use them for sure!

Alright next is the picture with the Spring poem in it. I downloaded the free printable here from Therapeutic Crafting. It is a beautiful design and all I did was simply print then place in a simple black frame.

The last project is the floating flowers.
I found them here on Positively Splendid. She made them into napkin rings but at the bottom of her blog she mentions they float and the light bulb went off. I put some water in the glass bowl and here we go! Beautiful!!! I did not add any of the fabric she suggested, or the rings for the napkins. I just did the flowers, painted them and glued on some buttons and they turned out perfect!

I love them so much I am thinking about making more but completely them for napkin rings!

So, here are a few projects that are very simple and cheap to do that make a huge impact on a dinner party.
Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!


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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my project! Your flowers turned out beautiful!