Thursday, April 21, 2011

Italian Dinner (Girls Night part 2)

Pin It If you look back at Girls Night Part 1 you will see the wine station that went with this dinner. Tonight I am going to share the buffet for the meal.

I wanted to set it up for a nice meal, we used real plates, real silverware, cloth napkins and so forth. This is uncommon for Girls Night, we usually use paper and  plastic all the way. To be honest the idea of real dishes came when we picked Italian as our dinner menu, all I could think was baked ziti on my beige sofa due to a mishap with a paper plate.

So I started with adding some different heights to my counter top.

When it comes to girls night we try our best to make a menu (we decided to do this after a few nights when just desserts showed up), so even though I know what is coming I never know in what kind of a dish it will be in. I took a guess and just grabbed a few different sizes. Now I used cake stands (just because that is what is handy at my house) but you can use, Pyrex dishes, bowls, serving dishes. Just tip them upside down so you have a nice solid top.

I topped with a beautiful cloth

Now this is not a table cloth, I was in JoAnn fabrics and few days earlier and went through their clearance fabric and fell in love with the color and print on this. It is very silky feeling (easy to wipe off) and was only $2.00 a yard. I had a coupon for 20% of total order and bought 3 yards, lets just say GOOD DEAL! :) I brought it home and to Steam & Seam 2 to both ends and Waa Laa a beautiful cloth for dinner.

Our theme was Italian and what goes best with Italian food? WINE! I grab a few very pretty (empty) wine bottles for decoration and alittle color.

Do you remember the aluminum flowers I made? Well if not check them out on Girls Night Part 1, I added a few to the setting and a couple bunches of rubber grapes and it was complete.

As food showed up it all placed out perfect and very beautiful!

I hope I showed everyone how easy it is to set a very beautiful buffet that will have a huge impact on your dinner party!

Have a great night!

P.S. Check back tomorrow I am going to share the recipe for the baked ziti!

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  1. It was such an incredible display!! And the food was amazing!!!!!!!