Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keeping my son happy!

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Zechariah (my 13 year old son) has been wanting a cross necklace. I have been looking for one for him for about a year now. He is into dark metals, not really a sparkly or Gold type of kid. Finally the other day when we were at Michael's we came across some cross charms for $.19 (bag of 7 charms). We picked them up then went over and got the stuff to make a chain to go with it for him. Which were buy one get one half off.

Meet Zechariah :) He LOVED his necklace and made it all on his own which made it even more cool to him.

We spend $4.19 and there is enough chain for 2 necklaces and hooks and such for 10.
Just a few O hooks to bend and Wha la

If I had known this was all it would take it make him happy I would have done it along time ago!

I am glad he is happy and we were able to do it together! For you out there with teenagers you will understand that statement, quality time is a jewel you want to hold on tight to.


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