Friday, April 29, 2011

Lamp Shade

Pin It Updating a old lamp shade.

A few years ago at a Garage sale I found a pair of lamps and thought "Wow what great structure". So I bought them with the want to redo them, took them home and loved the way they looked "as is" in my living room.

Now 4 years later I have decided to do something different with them. Here is the crazy thing, the part about the lamp I wanted to redo right away was the color of the lamp it self. I loved the shade and the shape of it. So I decided to update the shade :) The color of the lamp itself is not going to change just yet!

I want to add some scroll work to it.
I started by finding the look I want (search the internet and printed it)
And gathered supplies

I used Folk Art paint to paint on the shade. My lamp is a blend of about 3 colors and some bronze tone, so I took 2 colors a brown and gold and mixed them to get the color I wanted.

Once I got the right color I moved on to prepping my design

Now to be honest my original idea did not work :(
I thought I would take this print out and tape it to the inside of the lamp shade and that be it.
WELL... my lamp shade is lined and it did not show through so, plan B

Tracing paper and black sharpie! :)

This worked alot better!  So back to cutting out the shade shape out of the tracing paper and tape it inside the lamp shade.

The picture did not take well but you could see it better than when it was on printed paper for sure!

I just grabbed my paint brush and painted over the design

Very easy, no need to guess and turned out great! But I wanted more! :) I grabbed my gold paint pen and added a few things.

I LOVE it now so on to do a few other panels...
The second one I decided to free hand, so out came the pencil

Then added the paint.

Then I had to add the gold pen did the 3 panel and Waa Laa Complete! :)

And it is beautiful!
Now one note, after your paint dries make sure you turn on the light and see if you need any touch ups!

It was a very easy and FREE update on a lamp shade, don't be afraid to try updating yours!

Here is my table before

(Don't mind Princess Goldie Locs she wouldn't move for more than 30 seconds from her favorite spot so I could take photos!)

The lamp shade is a great eye catcher when you walk in the door now! :) See the etched candle on the table? Find out how to do that here  these 2 simple projects have really changed the look and feel of the side table.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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