Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mexican Theme Dinner Party

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Girls night this month was hosted by a dear friend, a young lady that is very special to my heart. Her and her husband have just been blessed with an opportunity to move in to a beautiful new home. When I got the invitation to Mexican Theme Girls Night at her house I was excited to go and see it. I needed to bring a dish to pass and wanted to do something special for her. I decided I would bring the dips and chips.
Dips and chips to me are guacamole, salsa and every ones new favorite, blue chips. I wanted to take the dips in a dish she could keep plus be easy for her to serve out of and of course clean and safe for the drive to her house. Immediately I think of canning jars that I have in my cabinet. I started off with 2 wide mouth quart size jars. Washed and dried them well, then wiped the out side of them with rubbing alcohol. Being careful after this not to touch the part of the glass that I will be putting paint on. 
:) Then off they go to my deco painting table :)
(I love this spot in my house) 
I then began striping them in Mexican colors. Keeping in mind I'm putting green guacamole in one and red salsa in the other. I also was careful not to get the paint to close the the rim of the jar, because I don't want the food to come in contact with the paint. When I paint glass I like to use Enamel Paints from Folk Art. I find they are easy to use and clean up with water. They can even be washed on the top shelf of the dish washer if properly cured, but I all ways hand wash.
 I could let this paint dry for 21 days before I use it or I can bake in the oven 1 hour after painting it, and of course I always do the oven. (who's got time to wait 21 days) I placed my jars on a baking pan that I keep just for baking paint on glass. I placed them in a cool oven and set the temperature to 350 degrees. Baked for 30 minutes, leaving the jars in the oven until it completely cooled down. Being careful not to open the oven door before its cooled.
While the jars were baking I gathered up supplies to decorate the lids. This fabric is felt, which I loved the color and liked the texture for this project, but soon figured out that it is way to thick to screw on between the jar and the rim. So my first thoughts of how the fabric would look on the jars was quickly changed to (plan B).
Plan B is simply trace around the out side of the lid and cut fabric to fit. I ended up liking the looks of plan B better any way. It ended up much cleaner and more modern looking.
Using scrapes of felt and a pipe cleaner I made some chili peppers to place on top of the lids. I divide the pipe cleaner in to 4 pieces, cut these diamond shape out of the felt. Place a drop of hot glue in the bottom corner and rolled the edge of the felt in ward one roll. Place another drop of hot glue and rolled one more time. I used a tooth pick to do the rolling so I wouldn't get burnt from the glue. This formed the bottom of the chili, it now was the shape of a cone. Holding it up in my hand I placed a drop of glue in side the cone and then placed in the folded pipe cleaner. (see picture) Using the tooth pick again I pushed and tucked the top of the felt down inside the cone leaving the pipe cleaner exposed. At this point I folded the pipe cleaner ends under to shorten and remove and sharp edges.
  Then all that is left is to place hot glue on the top of the lid, place a stretched out cotton ball, some more hot glue all around the edge of the lid and then the felt circle. I placed the lids on the jars and tighten them down right away before the hot glue dried. I felt the hot glue was working so fast and well that I went ahead and glued the chili's on the top.
After adding my guacamole and salsa the jars were complete. Next was how to present my dish to pass.
  I'm not the type of girl that is totally sold on re-gifting, except in situations like this. Last Christmas one of my customers gave my husband this basket with home made jams packed in side. That was very sweet of her and the jams were yummy, but the basket I didn't need. I put the basket and its filler away in a storage tub to keep them clean. I was glad I did that, because the basket was just what was needed to present the dips to my friend. A little yellow and green ribbon give it that Mexican flair.
When the dish to pass was complete I was pleased with how it looked. I hoped she liked it as well, and that she would be able to find future use for the jars and basket. It was a great time at girls night last night, the food was good, the fellowship was great, and my friend was the perfect host. Thank you for inviting me.   :) 
I also hope that I have inspired you to dress up your dish to pass and present it in style, the next time your invited to a dinner party.

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  1. It was super cute (and delicious!) I am so glad you were able to come and see our new house!