Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Frozen Green Thumb

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Hello Friends,
Are you excited about winter being over? I am and couldn't wait to get out in the yard and see what survived the winter. But as you read along you will see why we have to be careful not to rush things. Like old man winter.
I have a flower garden next to my porch that 2 years ago I decided to add rose bushes to. The first winter they were in, two of them died from freezing, so this past fall I went to the store to buy those insulated cones to put over them. After pricing them out and then times that by twelve I left the store without them thinking what else can I do? When I was young, my Mother always had rose bushes; I can remember her cutting them back and covering them with  straw in the late fall, so I decided to try that.
As it turned out We had a long cold winter with a lot of deep freezing and snow. A week or so ago our temperatures got up in to the 50’s for a few days, so I got all excited thinking Spring and ran out to take off the straw. Very excited to see what was under it all. I grabbed my pitchfork and quickly became overjoyed with all the color that was showing up.
My spring flowers already had a couple of inches of growth, and the pansy's were blooming. :)
Once I began to rake I was very pleased with all my plants not only did my rose bushes all survive the cold winter, but they look like winter was never here.
The perennials are green and ready to start growing again like it is May already.
Oh no you always have to be prepared for repair.
I still had annuals alive,

And the weeds even grew.

 LOL Those weeds, what would us Gardner's do with out them.
So I guess I can say my Mother knows best.

The straw acted like a blanket for my garden and it did what I wanted to do and much more. I was very pleased.

But wait just a few days later.
and I'm out there scrambling around like crazy covering it all back up again with burlap and plastic for another week. Monday morning I finely got to uncover my garden again, but I'm still going out there at night and covering my annuals with burlap.
I'm still really ready for warm weather to come. I think I'm going to go dig out some flower pots and plant some seed in them in my basement, so I can start growing something. (Check back later for that post)
Is there anyone else out there that's ready for warm weather? I would love to here from you.

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