Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not Your Typical Flower Pots (1 of 3)

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Spring is defiantly here now, every day is getting warmer and warmer.  :)
If you have been following my post you'll remember me saying I was going to go dig out some pots and start preparing for summer flowers. Maybe plant some seeds.
I went down in my basement and started looking for something different then just pots to plant some seeds in and this is what I found.

It has been a lot of fun letting my imagination go, with creative ideas for these.
This first one I'm going to show you is a old basket that come with a plant it in from a funeral many years ago.

I thought it looked and smelled real dirty, so it got a good bath in the garage.
After it dried out I took it to the basement for a face lift.

The Surgeon's tools consisted of a pair of scissors to ruff up the edges of the paint brush, and an old freezer box to stir a little paint and water together.
All I did after that was just dry brush over the basket.

I added a few small rocks from the drive to the bottom of the plastic tub that was in side this basket and then fresh potting soil.
In the center I planted Baby Snapdragons and around the sides Petunias.
Finished up with lace ribbon bows on the corners.

Now just imagine the entire center of this filled with tall lite airy purple and white Baby Snapdragons and the sides over flowing with big beautiful multi-color Petunias. 

Can you tell I have been reading Romantic Country Magazine lately?
Everything is getting lacy. My log house might take on a little softer feel this summer. LOL (hope hubby likes it) I had a great time doing this project and writing this post. Keep in touch for the next "Not Your Typical Flower Pots" post coming soon.

:) Rosemary

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