Monday, April 18, 2011

Not Your Typical Flower Pots (2)

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The Painted Tool Box....I really like the way this turned out I had a lot of fun with this project.
Hello Everyone,
I hope your all enjoying Spring (even with our little mini snow storms) I'm still working away at getting ready for summer. If you remember this is 2 of 3 projects I am working on right now. I'm wanting to start some flower seeds inside not using traditional flower pots. I found these containers in a storage room in my basement.
These are the 2 I have completed so far.
If you want to see how I decorated the flower basket you can go to Not Your Typical Flower Pots (1) here. But now on to how I decorated the Painted Tool Box.
This is an old carpenters tool box that has been laying around here for years. I wanted it to have a well used look but this is just too dingy looking for me.
So off to the basement I go with it, after putting on a pair of gloves, safety glasses and a mask to protect my lungs. (I figured that this paint was lead base because of its age.) I began sanding all the edges down.
Then gave it a fresh coat of paint and sanded the edges down again to give it that well used look that I wanted. Now off to the real fun, my deco painting table to get creative.
Recently Jeanne & I went to Micheal's Craft Store clearance shopping and I picked up a Donna Dewberry One Stroke Painting Video for $1.39 that taught how to paint this picture. She painted it on canvas but I thought I would like it on the end of the tool box. What a lot of fun to paint. This was very fast and easy to do.

A few quick strokes of a paint to look like ribbon and leaves, and the sides are all dressed up too. :) I LOVE IT... But as you get to know me you'll find the more color the more I like it. This flower box is ready to just slip in potted flowers from the green house if you would like. But I'm wanting to start some seeds in side. This tool box is an antique and I don't want it rot out because I planted flowers in it.
After my deco painting dried it went back to the basement for a coat of polyurethane. I also lined the bottom with heavy plastic, dropped in the drainage material and potting soil. Topped off the fresh soil with a lot of Bachelor's Button seeds and a few Aster seeds on each end. I'm wanting a thick carpet of small purple and pink flowers to fill the bottom with some larger purple and pink flowers running up each side.
 I'm hoping to inspire some of you to look for something different this summer to plant flowers in besides your traditional flower pots, and have as much fun as I am doing it.
Happy Gardening :)

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