Friday, April 1, 2011

Stem Ware Jewerly

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Good Morning Friends in the blogging world!
     We are going to start today off with a quick easy and cheap project to make any glass stemware stunning.
Wine glass rings! Not sure if there is a formal name for them or not but I am all about accessories even for the glass ware.
These are super easy and cheaper to make than to buy (if you can find them)
I purchased my supplies at Hobby Lobby
First thing you need is rings

Normal price $1.47 bought at 50% sale (I never pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby, I feel if you wait a week it will be on sale OR use 40% off coupon)  $.74 and I need 3 packages = $2.25
Next is gems, I fell in love with these little ones they are just so sparkly and pretty.

Again Hobby Lobby $2.99 50% and I bought 8 different colors = $ 12.00
Now just to let you know I bought 8 because when I have girls night there is 8 of us. (I am sure you will get to know “My Girls” as you keep reading) Also, each packet of gems made 2 rings, so I have a total of 16 wine rings for $14.25.

This is what the ring looks like out of the package

First straighten out the bend in the tip so you can slide on the gems

Once you have put the amount of gems on you want go ahead and bend the tip back

And there you have a beautiful wine ring! 

If you have any question please feel free to ask!
Jeanne :)

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