Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Band Concert

Pin It Good Evening Everyone,
  It's me again! :) I know it is not my night to post but I wanted to sneak in and share some proud Momma photos! :) 
I know my Mom wont care since she is a proud Grandma :)

Tonight was Spring Band Concert

My cute little boy!
Wait Zechariah does not want to be called cute or a boy anymore so let me correct that,
My Handsome Young Man! :)

He is just too Cool for Words in this photo! :)

He is a drummer for the school band! I know I am partial but he is darn GOOD too!

He really does love playing the drums (even if his face doesn't show it in these photos) and we are very proud of him! I am truly blessed with a great young man!

Hope everyone has a great night!
Look for us tomorrow I am going to put together a Flip Flop Party!


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