Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carnations in a Bottle

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Hello Everyone,
I was looking through Mays issue of Women's Day Magazine and I saw these beautiful painted bottles with carnations.

I really wanted to try this to see if it was a easy as they made it look.
I went digging through my collection of old bottles and I found these. I have no idea where I got them. But if you remember my embarrassing confession in the past, I don't throw anything away. You could use wine bottles, medicine bottles or food bottles. You could also pick stuff up like this in garage sales.
I had a can of indoor/outdoor primer in the basement, so I started out by powdering up my rubber gloves and putting them on. I would advise you to always wear gloves when spray painting. I went ahead and gave them a good coat of primer. I had to do this in 2 coats because you can only put lite, short, sprays on at a time. Other wise your paint will run.
I went to Meijers and picked up a can of indoor/outdoor paint in a color I liked, and a bouquet of carnations in a contrasting color. Went ahead and painted the bottles in the same manor as I did with the primmer.
After they dried all I had to do was cut the carnations down to 2 to 8 inchs taller then the bottles, add water and place a few stems in each bottle and then just enjoy there beauty.
I thought that Women's Day Magazine did good with this one. This project was very easy to do and was only a few dollars. Very cute and affordable. In Jeanne's words "How stinking cute! I love them!!!"

With Mother's Day coming this is a great idea for a gift for your Mom or flowers for the dinner table. So the questions with Jeanne and I will be. Which center piece will we have on our Mother's day dinner table?  My Carnations in a Bottle or Jeanne's Cupcake Topiaries?  If you would like to help us decide just let us know in the comment box. 
Hope you all have a great and beautiful Mother's Day.

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  1. I LOVE THESE! Will you make me some :)

  2. These are very pretty....I am sick of how many glass bottles I have tossed in the past. Now I save them all for projects like this:)

  3. love the color! they look so pretty.

    new follower!

  4. great job! I want to try this :)


  5. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. :)
    I love these bottles too.
    It has been 6 days and they still look great, all I've done is added water and picked off 2 wilted flowers. Rosemary

  6. So cute!
    I am your followers, since now.