Monday, May 16, 2011

Craft room Organization

Pin It I think organization in this room is a constant battle for me since my craft room is my office, my craft room, my meeting room with brides and even my quiet area (when needed).

This is today's project towards organization.

So, while shopping awhile back I was going through clearance (and we all know how much I LOVE clearance shopping) at Walmart and found a dry erase board that was magnetic for $4.00. The key here is magnetic since I have a few multi purpose ideas for it.

Then I went to Gordon Food's and purchased some plastic containers with see through lids, I believe they were $1.99 each. I also purchase some magnets from Michael's and I was on my way.

With a hot glue gun I glued the magnet on the bottom of the cup.

The next part is the fun part. I got to fill them with all the little stuff you just don't know what to do with but need! :)

There is all kinds of stuff in there, scrap booking stuff, card making items, jewelry making pieces and some glitter etc. All the fun stuff you need that comes in these little plastic bags that you don't know what to do with once you opened them. :)

Say Bye Bye to the plastic bags!! :)
And Hello to easy to find and use plastic cups!! :) :) :)

Now since I have people (customers) in my room several times a week I like to hide things :)
So my Mom suggested hanging this inside the closet, I loved that idea. The bracket's it came with are easy to to install and you can lift up the board and put it back whenever you want. Which was important to me since I want to be able to take it to the table with me when I need it.

So I hung them up on the inside of the closet door.
And there it was that simple and so easy to use!

Oh yeah and the most important thing, There is room for GROWTH! LOL

Hope everyone had a great Monday! I am ready for the rain to stop because my Mom has all the items to make a topsy turvy strawberry planter and I can NOT wait to see it.


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  1. Awesome Idea!!!!! I have a ton of things I need to organize that are still in their plastic baggies....LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love to alter memo boards. I have altered four memo boards so far (different themes) and have an ample stack of clearance purchased ones that I plan to alter and sell.