Monday, May 9, 2011

A day with the Girls!

Pin It Friday I was very lucky to get a day away with my Bestest and Best Friend! And I must say we had a blast, a must do again and SOON!
We had no definite plan of action just a few places we wanted to stop.
First stop was Bed Bath & Beyond to say Hi to another friend (that was working) and look for anything too cool to not buy! :)
Second stop was Michaels to shop dig through clearance. Since you all know how much we love clearance shopping!
And our final and most successful stop was to St Vincent DePauls.
Now, I am not sure if 3 women have every fought over things in a second hand store before but we did! LOL I even got things right out of Christi's hands! lol (well she was fast on her feet and got all the cool stuff!!!)
So, here is my loot that I made out with!

While in the store I feel in love with these pieces together

Yes, that is the original store tags on the plates!

This plate had it Bed Bath & Beyond price tag on it still too. :)

Here are my bottles for the Carnations in bottle  project!

Yes, they are Coke A Cola bottles but they are all they had.

Some beautiful plates for center pieces

And a beautiful vase that has alittle damage on it (this was meant to be my Mom's mother's day gift, but I didn't have everything I wanted customize it).

So, all in all it was a very good day with my girls! We even inspired Jackie to purchase a few things for a project of her own! :)

Cant wait to get started on the projects and ideas I have for these great finds!

I will keep you posted :)

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