Sunday, May 1, 2011

Knock off purses

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My Love Hate Relationship With Them
 I fell in Love with this purse a few years back at a purse party, so I bought it. I think about $40.00 was the cost, I Loved that, the little tag in the front says Kate Spade New York. ( I Love that) I keeped this purse for when ever I got the opportunity to wear one of my little black dresses. I Love it's clean classy lines and I especially Love it's adorable little colored poke a dots. But this spring I thought it's going to go out of style, so I decided I'm going to use it more daily. 
Only after a few weeks of using this purse daily did my love relationship with it begin to dwindle. As you can see from the picture that the money was saved in the handles. They are not leather, just fabric with a thin coat of vinyl over the top so it began to peal off. This began the Hate side of my relationship with this purse.
I just couldn't give this purse up so easy, I decided to get electrical tape and recover the handles. It was very easy, all I did was trim off all the old riped up cloth. Then ran a strip of tape up the inside of the handle and another strip up the out side. The tape was a perfect fit around the handles.
After I smoothed it all down it looked great you couldn't tell it had been repaired. But Jeanne says I'm going to hate it again when this tape gets warm and begins to move around. She thinks it will get sticky. :(  If that does happen I may permanently lose my love for this purse. As for now, I 'm Loving it again. I hope you never have to repair your favorite purse, but if you do I hope it all works out well for you.
Have a great Sunday night.

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