Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Your Grandma's Lampshades

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Now that you have been reading my post for awhile, you may be starting to noticed that if its different or unique,   I like it! I'm not much into all matchie matchie. I have a heart for things that belonged to my ancestors and a passion for recycling. I Love the look of Glass (all Glass) and I do decorate with it. All of this combined is how these crystal lamps come to be part of my home.
The lamp on the right is a little wider at the base then the other one, this lamp has a brass bottom and is very heavy. I inherited this lamp from my Mother In-Law, it had been in storage for a long time so it needed to be cleaned up and rewired. The lamp on the left I bought at a flee market for $7.00 it also needed to be cleaned up and rewired. It's base was metal so I spray painted it a brass color. Sorry I don't have a blog for the cleaning up and rewiring but that happened before Jeanne said "we should start a blog" in that sweet little Jeanne voice of hers.  :)  But no fear I have 3 more lamps in storage waiting to be rewired, so I'll blog those. LOL
After spending lots of time shopping for the perfect shades at the right price I ended up buying these at Target along with the finials for the tops. I like every thing about these shades except for the color is the same as my walls. To dress them up I decided to go to Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon to see what I could find.
I found some pretty fabric at regular price so I bought one yard and used my 40% off on that. Then I found this beautiful jeweled ribbon trim on sale for 60% off and I bought that. I only used half of it but I'm sure I'll use the rest to decorate more in this room. I'm thinking about maybe pillows, curtains or even a candle. Have you spotted Grandmas Jewels yet?
I like to use a little piece of tape to help me handle the trim, it makes it easier to get started. I just place hot glue on the edge of the shade and then laid the ribbon down. Before I cut this type of ribbon trim I always place a piece of tape over the thread, that way it holds the string in place so the jewels don't fall off.
This trim added a lot of color to these shades I like the look but you know me I can't stop there. I always have to add more. I took the yard of fabric and cut it down the middle long ways, trimmed off about 5 inches on an angle. (Because the shades are wider at the bottom so I need my sash to be wider at the bottom too.) With the good sides together I ran a seam up the long side and all the way across one end. The other end I just sewed up half way. Put my hand in side and turned it inside right, and then finished up by sewing the ends together. Slipped the sash over the shade and added Grandmas Jewels.
This broach makes this shade breath taking! I absolutely LOVE IT now. All I did was put the fabric in side the broach and pin it shut.
The ear rings in this set was the perfect dress up for the other shade. They are clip on, so so easy just clipped them on. What I really like about the these ear rings is that they have a taller thinner look then the broach. Just like this lamp is taller and thinner then the other lamp. It gives them each there own uniqueness.
Now I can just see me redoing these table, maybe a wine color for the wood and 1/2 inch  blue glass tiles for the tops. (Just a Thought) :}
I hope you keep checking back to see what else happens in this room. The easiest way to do that is to click the follow me button on the front page of Jeanne will be posting a project tomorrow and I will be working in my garden. Talk to you soon.


  1. What a gorgeous lamp revamp! saw you at Made It Myself Mondays and had to stop by!!!

  2. awesome project :) tfs and linking up to my party :)

  3. How very pretty, my favorite colors also.
    I found you from Made It Myself Mondays and had to see your project.
    you are so talented

  4. very pretty! totally changed the look!
    liz ;o)

  5. Great project, very unique.

  6. The lamps are gorgeous. I love log homes, can I come move in. LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've been wanting to add a little something to some of our lamps. Thanks for the idea. Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.