Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prom Dress Fix Up

Pin It Good Morning Everyone,
Its Prom time again, this is a very exciting time for all the kids and a very expensive time for all the parents. I feel for the parents of young girls today that are fighting through this financial battle. To buy a young girl a hundred dollar plus dress for one date is has got to be tough. That is why its a good idea to look around for a dress that has only been wore once before and buy it at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Its best to find a dress from a friend or a clean consignment shop. I am very proud of the young Lady in the photo below, because she did just that.
She is my neighbor Rachael, she is going to my Nephew's Prom tonight as his date. She came over to my house hoping I could help her get this dress to look more like it was tailored for her.
 She bought this dress from a friend that had wore it once. When she first got this dress she liked it a lot but  thought it could use a little fixing up. It was just about a half inch to long in the front and she didn't care for the look of the waste area. She said she would like a black sash tied around the waist with a bow in the back.
We got lucky :) Or maybe God intervened because I had a piece of scrap, left over from a different project that was the same fabric as the dress just in black. I trimmed off the rough edge of this piece and gave it a quick sew up the side to make the sash.
After steam pressing it we had that fished tailored look we wanted. Next on to the dress that was just a little to long in the front. I got out a needle and red threat and stitched up some fabric under each breast. What this did was gave the fabric a little gather under the breast and ended up shortening the front about a half of a inch. After we put the sash on you could not see the gathering of the fabric. She said she couldn't feel it either, so it was still comfortable too.
I really like Rachael's idea to make this dress more her own, I think it looks stunning in the front but take a look at the back.
This adorable back side will turn heads! :) (Sorry Dad) But its just to cute!!! At first we were thinking we would just tie a bow, but we didn't have enough fabric to do that. Then we thought just a single knot, but we didn't really like that look either. It looked its best when we just crossed the sash ends over each other and pined them. So I pulled out my broach drawer and Rachael pick out the perfect broach to give this adorable look.

I hope her and Jake have a great time tonight, I know he will think she looks beautiful and be real proud to have her as his date. I'm sure she will like the looks of him in a tuxedo too. (LOL Don't for get to get your Aunt Rose a picture) I also hope her Dad is real proud of her. I think Rachael made some good financial decisions about dressing her date tonight.


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