Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School and the tools you need.

Pin It Since my life has been all about school the past few days I thought why not share a project I had done for school. Now you dont have to be going to school to find this craft handy and super "Girly" cute!

I am not sure what you would call this or even what it is! LOL I did it because my flashdrice was so small (about the size of a key) and I was affraid I would lose it. Mainly at school since when we use the computer lab it is easy to miss the flash drive. So I wanted something that just made it alittle bigger and would catch my eye if I forgot it in the computer.

I just grabbed a piece of ribbon, some embrodierary floss, and 6 plastic gems.

I cut a small piece of the floss (to attach the flash drive) tied it in a knot and glued it to the end of the ribbon.

Finished up by glueing the gems on and Waa Laaa perfect!

This was very easy and the thing I love about the ribbon is it did not make the flash drive any bigger, also that this was a FREE project and that it gives me something to grab it with or clip it too and I dont miss it when I get ready to leave the computer lab.

Hope you enjoy my out of the box ideas! lol
Have a great night!

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