Thursday, May 5, 2011

Table Update

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I did this project awhile back, so please bare with me if you have already seen the finished product. I have changed names and places of events to make it more interesting for you! lol

A very old table brought back to life.

My Mom has had this table is storage for as long as I can remember, she remembers it being in her big brother room growing up.  I have always had an eye for this table :) There was just a few things about it that I did not like, so I took them off right away! (even before the first photo)

This is what it looked like after I removed some of the oddly places pieces. This table is full of character and originality. My favorite part is when I have all my sea shells out in the summer it reminds me of drift wood.
So Now on to the easy update!

I started with the spray paint, that I had left over from a different project and sprayed the whole table.

Minus the top because I know I was going to do something different with it. This ended up alittle to shiny for me so I took light sandpaper to a few spots just to remove the shine.
The I took some scrap fabric I had and tacked it on the top and painted it with the clear protection and Waa Laa

Such a great update for this old table. I love it and it fits perfectly in my living room.

Now I know no one else has a table just like this one, that is why I didn't go into alot of photos and steps. But I want to show you how easy it is to update and modernize an old unique piece of furniture.

Sorry for the short and to the point post, but this week is midterms at school and I have been going crazy because of them.

Any good ideas for Mothers Day? I am still at a lose. :(

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