Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Day

Pin It So, my son goes to a private school it is only a couple hundred kids but we LOVE it. The best part is how it feels like family. This year I wanted to do something for all the teachers, off to web searching I went.

I must say I found some really really cute ideas, since this is for Zechariah's teachers I wanted him involved in the decision (and creating process). Good thing I asked him because it was easy for him to decide! Well maybe not that easy since he picked two things to do, one for all the teachers and the other for his daily teachers.

First is for all the teachers

This cute water bottle idea is credited to domesticated lady.com and the printout can be found here.
Totally easy, fast and not to expensive, we did a case of 24 (one for each teacher and a couple leftovers).  I printed out the labels, Zechariah cut them out, taped them on, then I tied a ribbon on the single searce tea and they were good to go.

Next we did a gift for his daily teachers.

We saw a similar idea on the web but this one is done all by Zechariah himself! The tag says "You are a CUT about the rest!" , Zechariah found these so cool and quite funny!

So, that is what we have been up too, hope you enjoy them. Feel free to tell us what you have been up to too! :)

Have a great week,

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