Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Themed girls nights

Pin It I have received alot of requests and questions about girls nights. I know I have only mentioned them on the blog a couple times, but I do have "themed" girls night at my house almost every month. I can say they are alot of fun and I think my favorite part is the theme :) Well besides for my friends, oh and the great food, and we cant forget the fun we have. :)

Well my sister called me about a week ago asking about throwing a girls night (she lives in a different state and does not attend mine) so I wanted to put together a few ideas for her, even an invite, without spending ALOT of money or time. She is a very busy young woman that is just starting out on her career, no kids, 2 jobs and a boyfriend. :)

I asked her a few questions about what she was wanting to do and she mentioned inviting a few of the ladies from work and wanting to get to know them and grow some friendships. Since her career moved her to a different state she is really missing family and the close bond you get with a true girl friend. She mentioned wanting to start a monthly girls night in June, I immediately thought what is better in June then flip flops and sunning your toes, theme picked!

Flip Flops are so fun and colorful, to be honest I don't wear them but love them! They make me feel like summer time, if that makes sense. :)

Now I am going to keep this party, decor, and food very simple since she is very busy and doesn't have a stock pile of party throwing items.

Well, lets start with the invite, I created her a e-invite in word document so she can edit the date, time, etc. I am sorry I am not sure how to attach it here so if you like it please comment with you email and I will email it to you. Thanks

This is a perfect invite for the first girls night since it describes the "rules" and to please bring a dish to pass. It is simple enough to attach to a email or print off and hand out. I always e-invite and it goes over well, then your guests can rsvp through email even work with the ladies on who is bringing what.

Now that everyone is invited on to decorating.
Remember the concept here is, fast, easy & cheap!
Off to the dollar store! :)  My favorite part about the dollar store is for about $10.00 you can change the whole feel in your house.
I started by purchasing
4 pair of fun colored flip flops (maybe more)
4 place mats
a bag of shells
a tub of sand (you may need to go to a craft store for this)

The thing about the cheap dollar flip flops is you can do so much with them.
A door wreath

This is so cute, I left them hanging for my summer wreath! :)

All I did was tied them together with a little piece of white ribbon and hung them on the hook.

Easy, Cheap, and Totally Cute!

When you walk in my front door you walk right into the living room so I wanted to decorate that too.

By the front door

A beach bag, beach towel and a couple pairs of flip flops. Added lots of color and made it feel like we just walked in from the beach.

Coffee table

A pair of flip flops, some sand poured on them and a couple sand dollar shells. So cute!

Now another idea (but you will need more flip flops) would be to make a swag for your mantel or windows

All I did here was take some ribbon and tie it around the thong of the flip flop and created a colorful swag in minutes and for $4.00.

Now I will admit I used the same flip flops all over for this party since it was staged to give my sister and you guys some ideas. But let me tell you this, I did all my decorating and picture taking in one hour! So, don't be concerned about time you can do this in an hour also.

Next is food and drinks
Now I always do girls night as bring a dish to share, and no one every complains and the food is always good! But I do supply drinks normally a punch and something "adult".

My favorite punch!
I created this punch and it goes over VERY well.

1- 2 liter of Canadian Dry (or your favorite Ginger Ale)
1- Bottle of Cranapple juice
1/2- can frozen White Grape juice concentrate (still frozen)

That is it, easy and so so good! I also top it with frozen fruit, raspberries, grapes, blueberries even pineapple. This punch is so easy you can make it as guest are walking in and they would never know. In the picture you see I added a colored straw and a paper umbrella (to add to the feel).

Do NOT be afraid of color for this theme, the more color the more fun!

The rest of my counter I just added color and function.
The two green place mats were the place mats I purchased at the dollar store they are bamboo and I thought the colors were great. I had some funky colored straws I placed in a cup, behind the punch bowl another beach towel to bring in some color and on the corner a pair of flip flops.

My silver ware bucket, I actually purchased this a few years back for just this thing. It was a dollar store purchase and I loved the colors, I brought it home took of the handle and placed 3 plastic cups inside of it for my silverware. Another cheap, easy project with a big impact.


Also, think outside the box, maybe buy a cookie cutter in the shape of flip flops and use it to cut your brownies, or little cucumber sandwiches. Just be creative and have fun!

You do not need to spend 2 days preparing for (which I have) or gads of money decorating for (have done that too) to have a great themed party. I  hope I gave you some help and ideas on having a night with the girls of your own.

To see another girls night feel free to check out Italian themed girls night HERE.

Have a great day!

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