Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Medieval Party Invites

Pin It Good Evening Friends!
Well tonight I get the privilege of sharing the invites with you from Zechariah's 13th Birthday Party. Which is only fitting since I spent hours making them! :) lol

Any guesses on how many invites there are?
LOL I don't remember exactly but it was somewhere around 40.

We started with the wording

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

F air Lady & or Noble Knight you

are invited for feasting and festivities to honor the 13th season

 of his noble birth, Sir Zechariah XXXXX

 on Saturday, the 6th of November from 5:00-9:30 p.m.,

at Sir Zechariah’s Castle at

0000 ZXzzzzz Zz.

Assssss, MI 00000

Please RSVP To Lady Jeanne by 1st of November.

Zechariah is having a Medieval Knights themed party.

We will be having jousting, sword duels, castle wall battle, slaying of the dragon piƱata, hay ride, bonfire, a feast, cake, ice cream and more.

The party will take place mostly outside and you might get dirty

 So Please dress appropriately.

Zechariah loves legos, games, books and video games.

He does have a wish list if you would like a copy

Please ask Zechariah or Jeanne.

Any questions or to RSVP   Please Call 810-000-0000 Thank You!

I think this was the hardest part of the invites. When we printed them we did print it with the child's name on it, and addressed them as Noble Knight or Fair Lady. This one is a generic we made for anyone we might have forgotten.


Scrapbook paper (we used one sheet per invite)
Ribbon (we did red for boys and purple for girls)
Red and Purple scrapbook paper for the name labels
Wax sealing kit

First I printed the invite

Then I burnt the edges (for aging effect)

This really added alot to the look of the invite but let me warn you, OPEN A WINDOW! Wow I could not believe how bad scrapbook paper smells as it is burning.

Then I rolled it up and added the wax seal.

Wax Sealing is very easy so don't let it intimidate you. It is actually slightly fun, I want to find more to wax seal! :)

All that is left is to tie it with a ribbon and a name tag (we did the name tags since every invite was addressed to the child).

The invites were a huge success, kids, parents, even teachers called me saying how cool they were. And they really set the mood for the party!

Keep checking back for more on this party.! And the two crazy ladies who through it!  :)



  1. I really want to know what games you played while keeping everyone safe! Love how you set the table for serving!

  2. Hi San Antonio with Kids, Thank you for visiting our site. If you go to the Games, Games and more Games page of our blog there is a good description of the games we played.
    Also check out the page Slaying the Dragon.
    That was our party pinata game.
    I have lots of left over party supplys and decorations that I would sell at a discounted rate. If your interested let me know I can put together pictures and priceing for you.
    We you have any more questions about our party please let me know. I will be glad to help.

  3. If you still have the party supplies, let me know. I am.planning a knights of the blue & gold table for my sons cub scout pack. Out budget is minuscule. Thanks