Sunday, June 26, 2011

Medieval Party Part 3

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Well tonight I am going to share more on the birthday party. Can you guess what part I am going to share tonight? Yeap that's right, THE CAKE! :) I am also going to share with you the Dragon Breath Punch.

First lets talk cake! :) One of my favorite things to talk about. :)

The cake was AWESOME! I know this is going to sound weird coming from a cake lady but, it was totally easy to do.  I had to keep it easy since there was so much more work to do for the party.

I started with these....

Zechariah's Birthday gift! :) Lego's!

Then I made a 3 tier square cake and iced it in grey butter cream. Then I used a stone impression to give it the texture. Followed by some air brushing in 3 different colors.

And I got this look.

The castle walls are up. I colored pipping gel blue and spread it on the board for the water effect and

The rest is Lego's

Everyone LOVED it and I have to admit it was pretty AWESOME!

Now Punch!

We found these really really COOL cups on line at  and ordered enough for everyone to have one. We used them as part of the take home goodies since they were plastic.

When we were setting up for the party we stacked them in the kitchen as decoration.

NOW the GOOD stuff!! Dragon's Breath Punch

Canadian Dry (or your favorite ginger ale)
Purple Grape Juice
Cranberry Juice

Make ice cubes with the grape and cranberry juice.
Keep the pop warm.
As you serve the punch pour the pop in the glass (warm) and in front of the kids drop in one ice cube.
Watch the magic! :) Ok truth here, it doesn't do a whole lot of stuff but the color (purple or red depending on the flavor they picked) just slowly swirl around in the glass and the pop fizzes. :)
I know sounds lame and my Mom kept calling it lame BUT the kids LOVED IT!

Also keep in mind our colors for the party were royal purple and red. So the juice we used was for color reasons not so much the taste. So pick your punch how you want it, color, taste, whatever works for you.

We had made a couple hundred juice cubes so there was left overs and I have to say they were good in water, tea, whatever you wanted to add a little flavor too.

Well I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.
Oh and yesterday was my cousins bridal shower so keep checking back to see the great gifts we made her! :)


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