Thursday, June 23, 2011

Medieval Times Party Decorations

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Hello Everyone,
Today I get to show you all the great decorations that we had for Zechariah's 13th Birthday Party. 

He wanted us to stay as true to the Medieval Times Decor as we could. Jeanne and I didn't know much about Medieval Times, but with the help of Internet search engines and Zechariah we figured it out. :) But, the challenge was to change my Log Home in to a Medieval Times Castle.
We went to and found that they had plastic drop cloth that looked like stone wall, so then we decided what walls we wanted to be stone in my home. We measured up all the walls we wanted to cover and then ordered just enough  plastic along with a few extra paper decorations and hung them all over inside and out side of my house.  They were very easy to hang with what ever we wanted to use, tape, pins, or staples.
The walls came with all these great extras that we used to help change the look of my log home in to a Medieval Times Castle.
We covered all the walls even the windows in both of the bathrooms with this plastic stone wall to make them very dark like a dungeon. 
Taped these great looking windows right over top of the stone wall and then we added a few chains too.
The chains we bought at half price the day after Halloween at a costume store. Some of the girls wouldn't go to the bathroom by them selves. ;o) They said it was to scary!
We also hung stone wall over the garage doors to give that Castle feel to the garage.
This is were we sent the 30-13 teen year old's to eat!!!
We were in the process of building closets in my garage but the doors weren't done yet. So I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought costume fabric on sale for $1.50 a yard and hung it over the bright white openings. (This fabric will make me a big beautiful Christmas tree skirt this winter.)
We ordered this sign from they put Zechariah's name on it for us and it only cost $11.98. Those swords are from
 I used more of this fabric all through the house over doors and in arch ways.
This arch way I also used some of the plastic deco as well as the fabric.
We used plenty of the stone wall inside the house....
and out side the house.
We hope you enjoyed these pictures and get inspired to try a themed party yourself. But keep checking back because there is still a lot more to come from this party. When we post food and drinks you will be able to see how we decorated the kitchen for serving food. When we post the games you will see more of how we decorated the Oak Grove for game time. And of course there is still the cake and pinata yet to come. Hope we get to see you then.


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