Thursday, June 2, 2011

Out Door Mosaic

Pin It Hello Every one,
Jeanne & I are very sorry we have not posted in the last few days. Because of the Holiday Weekend we were very busy. Jeanne had Cakes to bake, decorate and deliver, and I had a garage sale. Plus yesterday we both accompanied Zechariah on his field trip. That was a blast!!! A charter bus full of Junior High Children for 4 hours to a Mid Evil Times reenactment including a Castle Tour and then 4 very long hours home. """CRAZY"""  But a lot of fun. ;~}

I must say we both have been missing the blog.

We are planning a quick and easy romantic dinner for 2 for tomorrows blogs, but for tonight, I just want to show you a couple of Out Door Mosaic piece's I have done in the past.
This flower pot was made as a wedding gift last fall for one of my niece's.
I made this out of broken glass and stones.
I started with a plastic pot, covered it with concrete and glass.
I want to make some more of these this summer, so I will be showing you step by step on how to make your own then.
I made this table for one of my sisters for Christmas last year.
She has a very large patio with that great old vintage metal furniture, this will go great.
I used the same concept again so it would weather out side well. Plus I used some small square tiles, and  waxed or sealed it well.

I hope you enjoyed looking threw these pictures, I am looking forward to doing some more of these projects this summer and blogging them.

Be sure to check back tomorrow Jeanne & I are setting a romantic table for 2 and making a gourmet dinner that is so fast and simple. You will surely want to stay in and eat at home for your next romantic dinner.


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