Thursday, June 9, 2011

Potted Herb Garden

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I had a change of heart!
Early in a April posting, I planted some
flower seed in a Copper Kettle on
All was well untill I Put my
on my front door step. 
I wanted a Herb Garden on my front door step too.
So I scooped the little flowers out and planted them in my garden and replaced them with my Herbs. I placed the pot on my front walk along with my strawberry planter.

I think it looks good, and will look even better after the Herbs fill in some more.
I bought all my Herbs at Meijers,
Sweet Basil, Tyhme, Curly Parsley,
Cilantro,  Sage & Mint.
I will enjoy being able to step out the front
door and pick fresh Herbs.

Sorry for the short post but it's been HOT!!!
I not complaining!

Keep  checking back in because I saw Jeanne
with nail polish on today.
(Now girls like Jeanne & I don't wear nail polish
we are just to busy with our hands for that.)
So I know she is up to something!!!
The polish was covering up spray painted finger nails
because she broke my #1 rule
I can't wait to see what she if doing.


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  1. LOL Omgoodness Mom you crack me up!! I will admit it, I am wearing nail polish to cover up fingernails with yellow, raspberry and tangerine colored paint. :)

  2. I love planting herbs in pots . Mine are big and we are enjoying basil, lettuce and rosemary. YUM.. I am new to your blog and am your newest follower. Hope you will visit my blog and follow me back.