Sunday, June 5, 2011

Raspberry Salmon Dinner for Two

Pin It Your right Jeanne it was AN AMAZING meal! Our Romantic Dinner for Two was one of the best tasting meals I've had in along time. I really like the way it was easy and fast too.

Jeanne & I went to Meijer's and shopped together for this meal. The most expensive thing is the Sparkling White Zinfandel at $9.95 a bottle. But I always buy my wines & Champagnes during the Holidays when they are on sale. That is the best way to save at least 20%. Next was the Salmon, we went to the meat counter and a very nice girl named Allison helped us out and cut us two 6oz. salmon steaks just how we wanted them. Only costing $7.28 for both. We also bought a bag of spring mix salad, small loaf of bread, and a few other things that are all listed below.
You know I can't remember where I got the idea for this meal but I have been making it for a few years now. I so often will set down and just read recipes for hours and then never look at them again. Just get to cooking something after that, so I hope I can explain how I did it for you.
2-6oz. Salmon Steaks
1/2 bag of Spring Mix Salad
1/2 small can of mandarin oranges
1/2 pint of fresh raspberries
14 raw pecans
6 tbls. Fat Free Raspberry Pecan Dressing
A Few Rice Noodles
I start with placing the two steaks in a quart size plastic bag with 2 tbls. of the Raspberry Pecan Dressing, rubbing them around in the bag gentle until the meat was well coated. Placed them in the refrigerator until we were ready to broil them, they should marinate for about one hour.
While the steaks were marinating I went ahead and made the rest of the meal. I plated the salad by dividing the lettuce, oranges, pecans, raspberry's and rice noodles between the 2 plates and set them to the side.
Next I made cucumber sandwiches, got this idea from a sweet girl name Christie she brought them to girls night one time. Once again my kind of food, very yummy, and easy and fast to make.
1- Mini Loaf of Whole Grain Bread
Cream Cheese Spreed Garden Vegetable
1-English Cucumber peeled and sliced thin
Dill Weed
Just slice the bread, spread on the cream cheese, lay the thinly sliced cucumbers on top and then sprinkle with dried dill. WAA LAA!!! Don't forget, to plate these beauties up on something special. They deserve it.
Finally Desert; you always want to keep it lite on date night and when drinking, so we decided on Raspberry Sherbet. This is also a great idea because you can dish it up and garnish it in advance and place back in freezer until it is time to serve. We garnished ours with a raspberry, an orange and a mint leaf.
Before your hour is up preheat your oven broiler, once your Salmon Steaks have marinated for one hour you can remove them from the bag and place them on broiler pan. Place under broiler for 6 to 8 minutes depending on the thickness of your steaks and the heat of your boiler. Keep a close eye on them they can burn fast. You can tell when there done when you press down on the top of them, and they begin to split open. Allow steaks to rest on broil pan for a few minutes before moving them to the plate.
Place the steaks on the plates and pour 2 tbls of Raspberry Dressing all over each plate and serve. This meal and table setting only takes one hour, and only cost including the Sparkling Wine $25.00. Great meal, Great value. Great time.

Go to Romantic Dinner for Two to see how we set our table and made our own private label for our wine bottle. Hope you enjoyed the meal.

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