Saturday, June 4, 2011

Romantic Dinner for Two

Pin It Today my Mom and I put on a Raspberry Salmon dinner for two. We have been blogging now for 2 months (I know, sounds like high school sweet hearts) but we thought we would Celebrate our Anniversary with a very special dinner.

As you know we pride ourselves on living a first class life without having to pay first class. Today's dinner is the same thing, this dinner is a cost effective way to have a perfect anniversary. And I have to add, AN AMAZING meal! :)

Lets start with the table, since this is one of my favorite parts of a "fancy dinner".

The Centerpiece

The glass wear I purchased on my  last trip to Salvation Army for $5.99 and I have to say the best $5.99 I have EVERY spent! The blue diamond gems I have owned but purchased them a while back at Michaels and 1 large rose (silk actually).  Add water and Waa Laaaa!

It was absolutely PERFECT! I Loved Loved Loved it. So easy and I cant wait to see what else I can do with the glass vase.


This is my everyday table cloth, everyday plates and silverware.  We did pull out the fancy glass ware, crystal water goblets and crystal champagne glasses. The small cup you see above the spoon is our dessert glass. We did pull cloth napkins and used the flowers I made awhile back out of pop cans :) (see that HERE) and simply glue doted them to my rings and they turned out perfect.

Next our tray for the bread

You might remember this plate from my shopping trip (HERE) purchased it brand new from St. Vincents DePauls and all we did was turn a bowl upside down and place the plate on. I have been trying to decide if I want to glue a pedestal on this plate or not, but I am thinking not. I love all the options I have with it right now with out the pedestal. But to check out a making of a serving tray check out our blog HERE.

Last item for the table is personalize Champagne bottle.

All you need is the Champagne and Full Sheet Labels.

Make sure you measure your label so you print your new label according to size.

I took our photo and transposed it into black and white, added Happy Anniversary and a sweet poem.
Printed it

I took some stamps and ink pads and just colored it, aged it and tried to make it match the Champagne bottle better

At this point I just cut it to the size I wanted it and placed over top the old label.

I love the way this turned out too, my first attempt not bad I must say. I want to try it again with some gold leafing or some fancy scrapbook paper.

We loved it! A great way to personalize your dinner with a wedding photo or a special Bible verse, poem. I know we enjoyed it.

Ok This is getting pretty long so I am going to sign off and hand it over to my Mom. Check back tomorrow and get the recipe for this amazing Raspberry Salmon Dinner.

Part 2
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Part 2

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  1. The table looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Thanks for the comment!
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