Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time of Change

Pin It This week has been a very exciting and very busy for my family.

Thursday was my last day of classes until September. Yes, I am like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to summer vacation. This year I even got to party on my last day! :) My Mom and my Son have a yearly tradition of movies and lunch around the last day of school, well this year I got to crash their party! :) Zechariah picked his favorite Chinese restaurant and Kung Fu Panda 2 3D. It was a perfect day with my Mom and Son I must say.

Friday was Zechariah's last day of the 7th grade. I have this crazy little song we sing on the way to school every year. It goes something like this "Todayyy is the last dayyy of the 7th grade!" I change it up to stuff like, today is the last full day of then ____ grade and such. This year he asked me to stop doing it :( Good thing he asked because the answer is NO! lol

Friday I let Zechariah have some friends over for a end of the year schools out celebration. Oh the crazy things I get into (shaking my head). The kids had a ball and 6 of them (1 being Zech) never went to bed, and with all of the cooking being done on the camp fire. Well let's just say 22 hours later, after 12 kids are gone, Zech is sleeping and I am ready for bed!!!

But not just yet! First, I want to share a couple photos with one.

First my cake I did Friday.

It was small but had a HUGE impact. So pretty, if I must say so myself.

Second, is my new toy!

An Ipad2! I am actually market testing it for the next 6 months (hopefully forever)  :).
So, here is my question for you. I am not an apple user so is there any apps that I must have or try???
I did download tip junkie and I am very excited about that one.

Hope every one has a great weekend and once I get some sleep I am going to post my deck redo.


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