Monday, June 13, 2011

Updating the Deck

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Nothing says Summer like some Color! :)
And that is just what I wanted to do with my deck. 

Remember my Mom saying I painted my nails last week? Well I had Raspberry and Tangerine colored paint all over my hands so I painted my nails to cover it up! :)

My deck off the back of the house is not that big and has sun all day and well into the evening. We have our grill and swing and small table and chair set and it is full. We love to grill dinner than eat it out on the deck but it is usually  to hot or to bright. I have been wanting to buy an umbrella for years to fix this problem but I was not willing to spend $90.00 on one. There is not much more room for a bigger set of table and chairs and it is only my Son and I so no real need for a bigger set, but I wanted an update so bad.

Can you see why? :) It is dingy and faded and green. :( But still in great shape so I thought lets paint it!!

I wanted bright and cheerful colors, and that is what I got! :)

You will notice that my tangerine orange color is a different paint it is Krylon Fusion you are suppose to not have to prime plastic with it.

I did my chairs first, primed and painted then when I started my table I noticed the paint was not covering as well. So I did one leg with primer and painted it and there is a HUGE difference.

The front leg is one coat of paint no primer, the back leg is one coat with primer! I will not be paying the extra money for the Fusion paint ever again just prime first. In the long run I put on less coats of paint when I put the primer on first.

My set turned out perfect!

I got my color, now for the shade. I still am not willing to pay $90.00 for an umbrella but I did find one for $29.99 at Ace Hardware. It was the color I wanted and a price that I was willing to pay. SOLD! :)
Now the only thing about my umbrella is that it is not a crank up, there is a pulley system (which is super easy to use) with a little pin to hold it in place. No complaints from me I can work the pulley with one hand no problem.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Oh and Zechariah likes it too! His favorite part is the umbrella, it has already saved us from the rain! :)

Hope you all add a little color to your summer! :)


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  1. Now all you need is a a topsy turvy strawberry planter to match. LOL