Friday, June 17, 2011

Zechariah's 13th Birthday Party

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Hello Everyone,
Jeanne and I are working on quite a few projects right now, but because there all gifts we can't show them just yet. So we decided to share with you a
 Birthday Party that we threw for Zechariah last fall.

Meet Zechariah A Real Medieval Times Buff!
 Zech's wish for his 13th Birthday was a Medieval Times Party.

And what kind of Mom and Grandma would we be if we didn't
give him what he wanted? :)

Jeanne & I spent a few months planning this whole thing out, but I am just going to give you a little sneak peak of it tonight.

Of Course Jeanne made the perfect Cake.
A castle cake covered with Lego's that were Medieval Knights, weapons and even a dragon. If you would like to see more of Jeanne's Cakes you can check her out on facebook here.

I made sure the feast was just to his liking.
And man what a feast it was!

We didn't forget the drinks.
Dragons Breath Punch was served in these
goblets fit for a King.

The decorations were in and out side.
We will do another post to show you more of these great decorations, let you know where we got them, and how easy they were to put up.

Medieval Times is all about the games,
and we played them all!

Even slayed the dragon!!!!!
This is a 8 foot long paper mache pinata filled with goodies.
I have made a few of these in my day (not all this big). I am making one right now for my brothers 60th Birthday Party in July. After it is finish I will post all my step so you can see how to make one these your self.

I hope you enjoyed this party's sneak preview. Jeanne and I are going to be sharing much more about this party in the next few days,  we will be giving you step by step instructions that made this party a complete success. So keep checking back to find out all of our little party throwing tricks.


  1. You threw the exact party down to the moving golden dragon that my daughter is wishing to have. Thank you for sharing. I hope to see the how to's and make my daughter's wish come true. You all are awesome. Thnx.

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