Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bridal Shower Gifts

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      A couple weeks ago we went to my cousins bridal shower, (not that we are old) but she is a mature woman that has owned a home for years, and her children are adults. With that in mind I wanted to do something personal for her as her gift. First thing that came to mind was a nice relaxation gift, since we all know how stressful it can be planning a wedding! :)

Her Gift

I started with this

1- amazing lotion from Bath and Body Works
1- stress relaxing mask
1- large soft body lufa
1- homemade necklace
1- homemade cuticle cream
1- homemade lip balm
1- jar bath salts
4- bars of homemade soap

Lets start with the bath salts
     I filled this cute glass bottle (this is a old bottle that belonged to our Grandma) with store bought salts. I just couldn't leave it at that so I added a simple ribbon and scrapbook flower in her favorite color Purple!

Now the soap
   You can read our blog on how we made this soap HERE , I did want to keep a color theme on this gift so we made the soap colors to match also. I added a strip of scrapbook paper and a sticker embellishment to dress it up.

Oh and I don't want to forget to tell you, we did cover each bar individually with scran wrap first.

Now the cuticle cream
    I bought the jar at walmart in the travel department area and here is the big secret (this is my lip balm, it works AMAZINGLY on your nails and cuticles!). You can read the blog on how to make this HERE. I again added a small tag and a scrapbook flower and Waa Laa how cute!

I did include a lip balm stick and homemade necklace (which I will share on how to make next week) tied up in a clear plastic bag with ribbon.

 I have to say it felt so nice giving her this gift, I knew it was something she would enjoy, it was personal to her and didn't cost me a full weeks pay!

For the packaging all I did was wrapped a box with wrapping paper

Added green tissue paper and the gifts

The last thing I did was tie a pink ribbon on it to give it a little more cuteness! :)

She loved her gift and I hope it inspires some of you!

Wait til my Mom posts her gift for the shower! It was so so cute and made my cousin cry! :)

Have a great day

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