Friday, July 8, 2011

I didn't mean to make her cry!

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It's she beautiful? Even when she's crying.

OK the serving tray I made her was nice, but the reason it made her cry is because, I made it from a few pieces of her late Grandma's dish set.

Sorry but this is the only finished picture I have of it because my camera trashed its memory disk and about half of the pictures were destroyed. :(
But I have gotten a new camera now. :)

Let me show you what I started with for her gift.
4-new extra large wine glasses, 1-small bud vase from my stash, and 3 plates from her late Grandma's house.
I started by taking that bud vase to the basement and giving it a quick touch with the primmer and then the satin ivory color paint. And of course you know me I had on my rubber gloves.
While the bud vase was drying, I cleaned my glasses with rubbing alcohol. Using a green (forest moss) and yellow (lemon custard) Enamel Paint by Folk-Art, I double loaded a 1/2 inch flat brush and painted a checkered pattern on the bottoms and let them dry overnight.

The serving tray; I tipped one of the small plates upside down and used epoxy glue to attach the large plate on top of it. Turned the painted bud vase upside down and glued it to the center of the large plate. Then glued the other small plate to the bottom of that. WA LA the serving tray that made her cry.
To see step by step on how to make a serving tray click here.
I then decided to add a ring of leaves going around the glasses.
To do this, it is very simple, just double load you brush (on one side put the yellow and the other side put the green). Touch your brush to the glass press down and then drag forward, turn the brush to the side and slide it up. Go back and add the stem.
Purple is her favorite color so I added some purple and white flowers. Using the same concept except turning little circles. I used the end of my brush handle to get the yellow dots in the center of my flowers. I just dipped my handle in a little paint and touched it to the center of the flower.
I placed the glasses in a cold oven and set the temp to 350 degrees, once it reached that temperature I baked them for 30 minutes. I left them in the oven over night to cool down.
They come out of the oven cool but I still wanted to dress them up a little more. I made engagement them rings. :) I bought the rings and crystals at Hobby Lobby. Very easy and beautiful! To see step by step instructions on making these rings click here.
I stuffed them and wrapped them in tissue paper.
Added them to the box with the serving tray.
I wrapped the bottom and the top of the box separately to make it easy for her to open.
Finished it up with a large wired ribbon and a big double bow on top.
I loved it and I think she did too.


  1. Gorgeous tutorial and what an amazing sentimental gift. I am sure she will cherish it forever!

  2. Thank you Jessica, I had a great time creating this gift. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the post.