Saturday, July 9, 2011

Making the old, new, than old again! :)

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So, as you all know I am really getting into second hand store shopping. I have been watching out for a new coffee table at them. Well, on my last trip to the Salvation Army with my Girl Friend (that who is also addicted now) I found my treasure. They had it marked at $20.00 and it was 50% off furniture day. I was so excited I picked it up and carried it out the store all by myself! (after I paid for it of course!) lol

It had alot of age on it, the varnish was pealing, color was missing. Just not pretty at all, BUT it was stable and I feel in love with its legs!

See why?!?!? They were beautiful! I saw big hopes for this table! I had actually picked up a book at a flea market about a month prior and knew exactly what I was going to do with it. And this table fit my plan perfectly.

First things first, sanding

And more sanding!

I did this step outside because I did not want the dust all over or the have the varnish dust in my lungs.

Next I filled in the crack (that was routed in the table).

Oh and more sanding! lol

Then I went to my Mom's paint stash and found the perfect brown for the table.

I painted everything except the top (I have other plans for that), and it required 2 coats since I sanded it down to bare wood.

To be honest I could have painted the whole table brown and left it, it is just beautiful with the dark brown paint.

But I had other plans, remember I said I purchased a book?
Well here it is a Atlas from 1939.

The Maps

I picked a few that are personal to me, like Michigan & United States. Then I moved onto France, Wales, places that had cool maps or colors I was looking for.

I was going for a look of someone planning a trip and maps spread out all over the table, so I did just that.

I than took mod podge and pasted them all down.

After trimming the pages and looking at it for a few days I decided it was to bright for me. So before I put on the top coat I decided to add some color.

Using the same brown paint I painted the legs and sides with I added just a touch to my polyurethane and applied my first top coat.

Now I was happy and totally pleased!

See how aged and old world it looks now! I loved it.

After 7 more coats of polyurethane I finally got that glass feel on top and am totally happy with it.

The Front

and the back

My Mom seems to think the table needs a trim along the edge but I am not sure so for now the table is staying the way it is! I am totally happy with the table and it is so so cool and makes a great statement in my living room! It was so worth the time and $10.00 I spent on it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. That was by far the best find that day. You made it look amazing.

  2. Holy cow that's cool. I love the way it came out.Looks like it came from a top dollar furniture store.

  3. Hmmm....the only problem I see is....I WANT ONE NOW!! Beautiful job!

  4. This is so neat, what a great idea! I'm here from the Made it Myself Monday, and I'm a new follower! :)

  5. Thanks Ladies!
    imklvr, you are not the only one. My best friend called me the other day from a second hand store looking for a table! lol

  6. Love it!! Adding color to the polyurethane was the right decision!

  7. Hi Jeanne, Just wanted to let you and your Mom know that I love your site. Thanks for all the great ideas !!! I love this table that you did, but I have a couple of questions. I haven't used mod podge. Can it be used on photos? Does it feel tacky when it's dried, and after the project has been varnished is the surface smooth and hard like a normal table top? Thanks for your help, and keep up the great work ladies !!!!! Terrie

  8. Hi Terrie,
    I have not tried mod podge on photos yet. (But I am on a project next week) I am told you can use it on photos. To use it, it is alot like elmers school glue. It is tacky when it goes on, as it dries, but once it is dry no longer tacky. Yes my table top is very hard, actually alot like glass, (after about 10 ish coats) I even wipe it down with a damp rag and never a issue.
    Thank you for loving the site :)
    Anymore questions feel free to ask, and keep you eye out for some photo tiles next week to see how mod podge works on photos!

  9. Thanks for the info Jeanne ! I'll be watching !!!!