Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paper Mache Tomb

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Paper Mache is an amazing thing, I learned this 3-D art concept when I was just a small child. As I went through school I learned even more about paper mache. I was the type of girl that really didn't care much about english or history, only art classes. :) If the drama team needed stage props the art students made them. And of course there was floats and other projects too. I really never stopped making things out of paper. ( I was even named the Paper Queen many years ago.) Birthday Pinatas have been very popular in my family. You can see Zechariah's 13th Birthday Pinata Here  When my church asked me if I could make them a tomb for the Easter Sunday Program, I thought sure why not, I think I can figure out something.
I started out by building a frame and covering it with chicken wire.
It is really good to have some great help. :) Once the frame was built we had to tare newspaper into strips. Then mix flour, salt and water together to make a thin paste.
This is just way to thick but my helper is just way to cute. LOL
Dip the newspaper into the paste, wipe off the extra and lay it on the wire. When you first get started you have to lay just a few pieces of paper on and then allow it to dry. It is a little tricky to get the paper to stick to the wire.
But it is very easy to get the paper to stick to the paper. Just keep adding paper a little at a time until it is covered making sure it drys well in between coat.
I decided to add some small rocks, just by rolling up paper into different size balls and covering them with the striped paper dipped in the paste.
1st coat of paint is black.
 It had to be built in 3 pieces like this so it would fit threw the door. The tomb stood 11 feet tall and 7 feet wide.
This is the stone that goes in front of the tomb, I have a piece on thin paneling on the bottom of the door to help it stand up. I placed a indented handle on each side so it could be easy pulled across the floor.
Next coat of paint was to add high lights, I just dry brushed over the high spots with gray paint.
Final coat of paint is white, I just high lighted again with a dry brush.
FYI this project took one month to complete, but didn't take hardly any money at all.

All that was left was to get it off to the Church, and these 2 guys enjoyed pretending that it weighted a lot. LOL This is Zechariah and our friend Pete.
Pics from another paper mache project just for the fun of it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, paper mache is easy and fun go ahead and give it a try. Coming soon a paper mache pinata in the shape of a wild hog head for my brother's 60th Birthday. See you then. :)


  1. Very cool. My name is Curt and I'm a pastor in PA and am hoping to construct a tomb for this coming Easter. Is there a way to contact you about what you did? Our church e-mail is if you could contact me.

  2. Hello there....oh my goodness...I too am interested in constructing a tomb like this for our Easter drama. Please contact me to if you can with some step by step

    Thanks so much!!!! love this tomb!!

  3. If you would like to contact me my e-mail is and my phone is 810-650-7718.
    I don't know of I can help you much more then the pictures and directions above but I would be happy to help. Please keep in mind that I was a good month working on this project.

  4. I am really interested in doing this for our easter play. I was wondering what size of boards did you use and how did you stack the boxes on top. My emal address is Thanks so much this is so awesome.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I have a simliar project for our church but it needs to be 19 feet long by about 8 feet tall. This is such a help to get us started.

  6. Hi,
    I really like your work and the tomb in particular.I wondered if its possible to give detailed step of how you constructed the Easter tomb. I have searced tiredlessly for how to constructed an easter tomb and stumbled on your website..I would so appreciate it if you could help..Many Thanks in Advance. My Email is

  7. Could you please send me the step by step instructions for the construction of the Easter tomb. My husband and I are needing to get busy on this for our church. Thank you so much in advance..

  8. I have been asked to construct a tomb for Easter Sunday and yours looks so easy; however, there are no step by step instructions on how to build the frame. Can you please email me this information at

  9. Awesome. Thank for your sharing.