Monday, July 4, 2011

Slaying of the Dragon

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Hello Every One,
What fun would a bunch of 13 year old's have at a Medieval Times Party if they didn't get to Slay a Dragon?
This is I believe our last post of Zechariah's 13th Birthday Party. :(  But it is fitting seeing that this was the last big activity of the night...and it was a big one. This Dragon was the party's pinata game, measuring about 8 feet long, 3 feet wide, complete with fire breathing out of his mouth.  :)
It took be about 3 weeks to make this guy, I started in my basement with a roll of chicken wire I bought from the hardware store and a hog ring tier I borrowed from my husband. A hog ring tier is a wire fence fastener, it pinches little wire rings around the wire to hold it together. This is just a much faster process for me then twisting wire by hand. I formed the head, back, tail and wings with the wire. Then I used 2 large pinata balloons to make the belly.
I attached a piece of wire at the back of his neck and at his tail, then used a latch hook off a rope hanging from the ceiling to hang it. This gave the Dragon a lot of movement, when it was hit it flew around like it was trying to attack the crowd. HA HA HA
After getting the frame all set up, I riped news papers in to 2 inch strips and mixed up a batch of flour, salt and water together to make my paper mache' paste. The first day I had to lay just a few pieces of paper dipped in the flour paste on the wire and let it dry well. Then I did that every day for a week, layering paper slowly so each layer dried well before I applied the next one.
After I had a basic shape well formed I added stuff like the horn and spikes, did that all with paper too. It took a couple of coats of paint and of course I painted on the eyes, nails and teeth. Before he was hung in the tree I cut open a door in his back and filled the balloon cavity with lots of fun treats. This is what he looked like hanging high in the tree awaiting his big attack!
Birthday Boy always get the first swing.
The next B-Day Boy.
The other B-Day Boy.
I make my pinatas plenty tough.
I wanted to make sure every one got to swing at it.
They all had there own idea of where they thought the treats would fall out at.
And there own concepts of trying to slay this Dragon.
All 30 Children got a 2nd swing at the Dragon, but only Zechariah knows I put a weak spot in them all somewhere, he has just got to find it to bust this big bad boy open!
Pappa made Zech a wooden sword to slay the Dragon with, but lets be serious for a moment. Pinata games can be very dangerous!!! I always stay in charge of the stick, no one gets total control of it until I make sure every one is out of its way.
Starting the 3rd round for every one to get another swing at it with Zechariah 1st again. He decided enough was was time for this dragon to come down. One big last final blow and he splattered his goodies all over the ground. (Good thing Grandma put a new clean piece of plastic down)
This pile up was a 1st for me...I have never seen such a crazy crowd on the ground ever before. Even the 17 and 18 year old's were afraid to get in there. But they all said the treats were worth it.
Zechariah thought that throwing the Dragon on the fire was the perfect way to end the night with a bang. And what a night it was...It was a blast...I would do it all over again... 

We hope you all enjoyed Zechariah's 13th Birthday Party Postings as much as we enjoyed posting them. Keep checking back because I am making my brother a Wild Hog Head Pinata for his 60th Birthday Party later this month. I will give step by step instructions with pictures on how to make a pinata on that post.

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