Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before you throw the Party you need to invite the guests!

Pin It Hey Mom you forgot something, Invites!! Maybe that is because I made them, or maybe because they were so easy. I don't know why but you did! Don't worry I will fix that for you. :)

The invites were my responsibility and I spent months trying to come up with something I could create. We wanted them to be personal to Paul and preferable around his Harley. Finally I went to the Internet and came across, the wonderful thing about this site is that the template is done. All I had to do was go take some photos of Uncle Paul then add what we wanted to say. Paid $20.00 and owned the invite, printed as many as we wanted. Super easy and they were perfect! We printed them on brochure paper from Staples so we could print on the back of them also. On the back we added

Let’s have a little adventure!
Join us for a fun and relaxing evening to Celebrate Paul’s birthday.
Bring your lawn chair and
A dish to pass would be appreciated.
This is an ADULT party only and
 basic alcohol will be supplied.
Don’t Miss the Fireworks Show @ 10:00 pm
Please RSVP to Rosemary  @ 810-***-****
I have to say the invites ended up cheaper than anything we could have made that would compete with the coolness of these! :)

Another item I was in charge of was Thank You's. All the Harley Davidson Birthday supplies are kind of childish and we wanted to keep them more 60 year old man ish.

I just grabbed a Harley Davidson Logo and made a Thank You ribbon that was dark grey. Put together a format in Word and followed up with a cute saying on the back "I survived Paul's 60th Birthday and even got a Thank You card!"

(I am not sure why it looks pink in the photo but they were orange I promise!)

They were super easy and (I hope) were something Uncle Paul was ok with mailing to his friends!

Ok I feel better now that I stepped in and got to show off my invites and thank yous! :)

Have a great night,

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  1. Thanks for helping me out Jeanne! :)
    Your Uncle Paul did like the Thank You's
    He even siad "Cool Thank You's"
    And they were orange, thats wild the pic turned out pink. LOL