Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jeanne's "Paint-In' Party" Birthday

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Hello Blogger Friends,
I recently had the funnest little Birthday Party for Jeanne.
I hosted a "Paint-In' Party" for her. It was a blast!!! :)
For all of you that have never heard of a
Paint-In' Party...It is a painting class that comes to your home. This is the painting she did.
I have a friend that is an Artist and she also has an Art Studio. She desided she wanted to take her classes on the road. This started a venture of Van-Go Art Classes on Wheels with the Yellow Brush Art Studio, owner & instructor Jane Weis.
She came in to my home, brought all the supplys and set every thing up. See kept it very easy, lite and fun.
I had a hordourve dinner for Jeanne's Birthday, so as we helped ourselves to some food she started her introduction.
This party was about 3 and 1/2 hours long including dinner, I was inpressed with Jane's teaching skills. She even gave us some great Famous Artist Education. :)
Jeanne is so excited about painting, this is her 1st canves painting.
It was really great!!! Jane made it so easy to follow her step by step instructions. Even Jeanne's good friends that said, "I don't have any talent I can't paint" had a good time and painted a great picture. (Worthy of Framing)
Everyone had a great time and did a good job.
I am still hearing how much fun it was.
There was 7 of us in class and only 2 of us had ever painted on canves a few times  before.
All the paintings turned out awesome, and we all had the best time. Jeanne & I both had such a good time we both booked another party. Jane does these parties for any ages, she has a great selection of paitings for Children too. Check out her web site at
It has been a very busy summer for me this year, I must say one of the funnest I've had in a long time. I hope you are also having a great summer. Enjoy what is left of it. Rosemary :)

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