Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let there be cake!

Pin It Good Evening Blogger Friends!
I am having a hard time blogging the past few days, yesterday was my Birthday. My Mom threw me a Painting Party!!! So So So much fun! I can not wait til she shares it with you, but for today I am still on my birthday high and not wanting to sit still!   :)
Here is a photo of my son (Zechariah) and I from last night. His smile is alittle weird because he just got his braces off and his mouth was still alittle sore. But yes he is that handsome and TALL! <3

Ok enough with my birthday back to my Uncle Paul's party.
Tonight I am going to share cake, food, and table settings.
First, my favorite part CAKE!

Keep in mind this was a 60th biker party, BOTH cakes were a hit! lol

My Uncle Paul loved them both but this one was the talk of the party! LOL

Now when it comes to food we wanted to keep in theme with the Wild Hogs movie but asked guests to bring a dish, so it was not easy. First thing to think about is meat, my cousin Jason's wife Amy has a cousin that bbq's for parties and they hired him to BBQ us up some pork off a pig and some chicken. Very yummy! Next big thing was Chili, since there was a scene about the chili cook off in the movie we could not forget the chili.

The key to a successful dish to pass party is to start with a dummy menu. We list items we would like to see and how many of each, then when people call we ask "what do you want to bring?" or "what are you good at?" and then we fill in our menu that way.  It always turns out good for the menu and the taste buds.

We always supply refreshments, my Mom's favorite way is in 5gal coolers

She has one for Water, one for Ice Tea, and one for Punch. The extra at this party was my Uncle's trash can punch (alcohol punch).
Our Non alcohol punch for this party was
Blackberry Lemon Aid & 7Up  equal parts of each. Very easy and everyone enjoyed it.

One thing that was in our benefit was this party was a couple weeks after the 4th of July. So on a trip to Hobby Lobby I purchased a bunch of 4th of July items on 90% clearence (for like $1.00 instead of $10.00 nice deals!)
One thing I purchased were these flag banners on ribbons we hung from the ceiling.

We had already desided on red and white table coverings for the picnic feel so they matched very well.
The next thing I purchased was plastic blue and white star ribbon, which we ran down the center of the table.

We wanted to keep our centerpieces easy, not girlie and still in theme. You have to keep in mind this party is for a 60 year old man so we cant girlie it up at all. We took mason jars (out of my Mom's kitchen cabinet), some fine sand (out of my Mom's stash purchased at a lumber yard), and a simple white votive (out of my stash of candles), finished them off with a little raffia along the rim. They looked great and were very pretty even after they were lite after dark.

I have to say I had to work on wedding cakes Saturday so I was not there to help set up. I want to send a huge shout out and Thank You to my cousins, Jason, Jodi and Brian for all the help setting up!!!

This party was a HUGE hit, family and friends are still talking about it. We do have one more post for you and that is the pinata. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our parties and we cant wait to keep sharing with you.
Jeanne :)

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