Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making of the flowers

Pin It Today I am going to share the Bridesmaids flowers, and all the boutonniere's. I shared the Bridal Bouquet with you HERE if you missed it feel free to check it out.

My cousin Angie is a very simple girl, not at all blingy (like me). :) So we had to keep her flowers clean and simple.

First thing we did was sort out our flowers and leaves.

Groomsmen & Fathers





Ok lets start with the Groomsman's & Fathers
We started with a leaf (from the white bell flower bunch we bought) and a lily. We lined them up and taped off with floral tape.

We decided how long the stem should be and trimmed them, then a clean cover of floral tape.

The last thing it needed was a small bow. We used the organza ivory ribbon.

They were simple, clean and really looked nice!
Now for the Groom's all we did different was add a few hydrangea petals along with a couple pearls.

They really turned out great.

On to the Mothers
We started them the same way as the boutonniere but we used leaves from the hydrangea stems. These leaves are larger and gave us a bigger back drop so we could add our white bell flowers.

Then all that was left to do was add a bow and a few pearls.

They turned out beautiful and looked great on the Mothers

The Bridesmaids
We took the large long stem lilies and added some of the ribbon used on the brides bouquet and hot glued pearls down the stem. Very beautiful and they girls loved them.

Last but not least the toss bouquet
We started with a banana leaf, a large lily, two small  lilies, and a few hydrangea petals. We then added the ribbon like the Bridesmaids, a bow to match the brides bouquet and pearls and organza ribbon to add flow when it is thrown.

We made all these flowers with floral tape and adding one flower at a time. They were absolutely beautiful and we really enjoyed making them. So if you are looking at putting together some flowers for a wedding do not be afraid and have fun! Here are a few things to keep in mind, you want the bride and groom to stand out and match, mothers and fathers need to match, and sometimes less is more!

One last thing to share and that is the Cake!

Have a great day,

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