Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Our Diva!

Pin It Meet Mocha Latte!

She is our little Diva! Well actually she is Zechariah's dog :)

Mocha is half tea cup Chihuahua and half toy Pomeranian, they call her a PomChi  (we call her high maintenance! lol). She is 2.2 lbs and yes we add the .2 because it makes her feel better! lol and almost 2 years old.

**Ok first let me say this, as you read this post don't get me wrong WE DO LOVE HER, she is just a high maintenance, diva!**

Let me start with some of her personality, she will not wear blue, green, brown or anything like that. Her favorite color is pink, she will wear ANYTHING pink, purple and some black. And I know they say dog's are colored blind but I have to differ!

A few years back I was reading Tori Spellings book sTORI Telling  and she was talking about her dog Mimi and how she use to take her on red carpet walks and how much she loved to get dressed up and take photo's. I laughed and thought its a dog, well Tori I now get what you were saying! If we even open the closet that we have Mocha's clothes in she comes running and sits pretty waiting to get dressed. And as soon as you put clothes on her she follows you around posing waiting for her photo to be taken. NO JOKE! There is days I have to pick up the camera and take a fake photo just so she will leave me alone.

Ok enough about Mocha Latte's personality and on to today's post. Since she is only 2.2 lbs clothes are not that easy to find, she wears a XXS and sometimes those are too big. There is never XXS's left when clothes are on clearance and I am not willing to spend $15-20.00 for a tee shirt for a dog. (Grandma might, but not me!) Well one day in Hobby Lobby I noticed they sell little tee shirts for dogs and I got all excited, $2.99 I can afford. But they were just plain white or pink, we can not have a plain tee shirt, time to girlie it up. :) 

What we started with, a pink tee shirt, a Diva & a crown Iron on, and some ribbon I purchased on clearance a while back.

The iron on part was pretty fast and easy and soo cute.

Then I wanted to add the ribbon and sew on a little ruffle skirt for her. The ribbon is wired so I  just added my pleats to the ribbon before sewing.

Then I sewed it on one layer at a time (starting with the bottom layer).

To finish off the ends of the ribbons I just touched them with a lighter so they didn't fray.

You will notice I didn't go all the way around on the ribbon, I wanted to leave space to make sure she wouldn't pee on it or anything like that.

She really loved her new ruffled tee but if you notice it is alittle big on her so I added a couple pink bows to pick it up on her shoulders more for her.

She really looks cute in it and I only have about $5.00 invested in it (which I REALLY like!)

And I think I she is finally bored with photos!!

Yeap, bored and on to a nap now. :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed meeting Mocha and seeing alittle into my crazy dog clothes making mind! lol
Have a great day!

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