Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Beautiful Cousin!

Pin It A while back we posted gifts for a Bridal Shower.
Bridal Shower Gift  &
I didn't mean to make her cry.

Well through the course of wedding planning and talking about her cake, My Mom & I  offered to do the bridal flowers for her. We LOVED being able to bless her and to remove some wedding planning stress off of her shoulders.

She wanted yellow lilies and silk so off to Hobby Lobby we went. We purchased them all during a 50% off stemmed flowers sale, ribbon was also on a 50% off sale.

Bridal Bouquet

We had a list
1- Bridal Bouquet
8- Bridesmaids
3- Mothers
1- Groom Boutonnieres
8- Groomsman's
3- Fathers
1- To Toss

What we bought

2- Hydrangea's
9- large Lilies
12- Medium Lilies
30- mini Lilies
1- bunch of white bell flowers (sorry don't know the name) My Mom called them Lilies of the Valley
6- banana leaves
2- rolls of 2" elegant embossed ribbon
1- roll of string pearls
1- roll 3/8" organza ivory ribbon
1- package of pearl accents
Floral tape

I know it sounds like alot but with pretty much everything on sale we spend slightly over $100.00 and this included 16- mini lilies for the wedding cake.

My Mom and I sat down and divided and conquer, we spent about 4 hours and had all the flowers done and totally beautiful.
Let me show you how:

Bridal Bouquet
I started with a hydrangea and added a couple medium lilies at a time.

Once I had all the lilies on I did not like it.

Actually I LOVED it at this view

Not so much at this view
I was not happy that you could see through the stems.
So... I tore it apart. Yeap all the work gone with a couple snips of the scissors! :(

We had purchased a 2nd hydrangea for the grooms boutonniere and the toss bouquet so I took what we needed and used the rest to fill in my empty space.

Then I added the lilies back on
I added 5 of the Banana leaves around the bottom.

Then with a little hot glue I tucked them under to give them a puffed up look.

Now to finish off the stem.
We used a 2" ribbon and tucked and rolled it from bottom to top of the stem.

A few dots of hot glue and it is secure.

To finish it off I added a bow (oh I forgot to mention this earlier, the ribbon is wired ribbon), the wired ribbon will help keep the bow in shape. I left the tales of the bow long and added a few strands of beaded pearls to give it a nice flow.

Last touch was a few pearls in the hydrangea ball on top

And it is complete.
The Bride LOVED it and the flowers were perfect.

Wow this post has gotten long I will share the rest of the flowers with you tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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