Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party Signs & Games

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Welcome to Paul's 60th Banner,
was big sharp and easy!!!

Thank You Party City!!!  Jeanne & I went to the store and picked up this "What Up Banner Kit" for only $15.00 dollars plus markers. It was a 3ft by 10ft banner with 20ft of hanging cord and 4 clips.  We also picked up a Outdoor Party Kit and a Personalized Banner Kit each costing only $19.99.

With only $55.00 dollars invested and a few short hours, Paul's daughter Jodi, Jeanne & I had all these great signs made. We thought at that time our small town festival and carnival theme was coming together.

Here are a few pics of our signs and banners. 

After set up we all agreed, it turned out better then we imagined.

I loved mixing and matching these two banner kits together, we even cut the welcome words from the one kit because its banner was to small for what we wanted and glued it on the larger banner with spray adhesive. The peal and stick letter were well worth the money. These signs even brought our games right in to the carnival theme.

This ring toss game was fun and easy, all I did was glue some empty beer bottles to a piece of plywood and picked up a few .10 cents each bracelets from the jewelery clearance basket at Walmart. 

This party was themed after the Wild Hogs Movie and one of the games they played in the movie was Softball Toss. I wanted this game but I couldn't find it in adult size with out spending a fortune.
I found some empty paper reels in the basement, I got them from a printing company a long time ago for a different project. Jeanne covered them in white duck tape, found a target symbol on line, printed 3 of them, and attached them to the reels with clear packaging tape. She added the word Milk with permanent marker and we had free make shift milk jugs. :) 

ShinDigz helped us out with a few more quick easy set up games like this Photo Standee and Limbo Party Kit.

We needed a few more small signs so I grab some spray paint from the basement and a few of those advertising signs you see on street corners (no I did not steal them, these are ones that have been left in my yard) and quickly made them up.

After a while every one got in the grove of helping us get up lots of signs.

My Brother Paul hung this one up.

His son Jason and daughter in law Amy had this Happy Birthday sign made and I hand painted the wild hogs welcome sign.

Even my 13 year old grandson Zechariah got on board with the signs, he picked this one up at Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist having some fun with his great-uncle.
LOL my brother had no idea that the sign was sitting beside him when Zech yelled UNCLE PAUL SMILE!  :)

This was a fun blog for me today hope you get a lot of great ideas for your next party from it. Stay tuned, next Jeanne is posting her cake and our table settings.


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