Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paul's 60th Birthday Party

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Hello Everyone, I want you to meet my brother Paul.
He recently turned 60 years old.

And in my book that deserves a party!

So, with the help of his 2 children & Jeanne we went to work on this party.
My brother just in the past few years after he became an Empty Nester bought him self a motor cycle. :)
He always wanted one.
From Family Man to Harley Rider!!!
I had to do it!!!
I had to base the theme ofthis party off the
Wild Hogs Movie!!! LOL
OK maybe it's because I'm his sister but I thought a little fun with the guy was a good idea!!!

Jeanne & I watched the movie over again to get ideas, we really liked all the great action scenes in the town of Madrid where they were having there Chile Festival.
We decide to try and duplicate the festival for the decorations.
Paul's Daughter InLaw's family gave us the use of their family park, it was the perfect spot.  It was nice since it already had a small village feel.

With rail road tracks, a phone booth, working red light, parking meters, fire hydrant, house trailer, and much much more. It became easy to turn this park in to a small town festival. (Thank you Mr Cook)
The pavillian was set up perfectly with a stove and refrigerators, water and lots of electricity.
Oh and there was a beautiful little pond!

We made banners and signs,

Set up a Chili Tent

Decorated Tables

Made Carnival Games

And of course we can't forget the Cake

or the Pinata

There was still a lot more that went in to this party, so over the next few days Jeanne & I will be sharing all our details on how this really fun great party come together. Till then Happy Partying

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