Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wild Hog Pinata

Pin It This is the final post of my brothers 60th Birthday Party.
:(  I have really had a good time sharing this party with you. In this post I will be sharing the steps I took to make this pinata and some of the fun there was in breaking it open.
The first thing I do before I start a pinata is get a picture of what I want it to look like and hang it on the wall.
Then I set up my work station. I start with covering the floor with plastic, set up a stand to hold my tub of flower, salt and water mixture, rip lots of newspaper into 2 inch strips, blow up a large pinata balloon and hang it from the ceiling. If you would like to see more detail on how to work with paper mache' click here. 
To see a dragon pinata click here.
(If we ever get around to finishing this basement I don't know what I'll do, I always seem to get into messy projects.) I start by dipping the strips of newspaper in the flower mixture and then laying them on the balloon.
 I rub that down well and let it dry. When using a ballon base it is a good idea to wrap wire around the balloon twice, bring it up to the top and make a hook ring.
Next step is to add more layers over the wire and start building up things like the helmet and nose.
I do this by rolling paper and taping it on to build up the area and then just covering it with more paper and paste.
I also use foam to make shapes and build up areas on my pinatas.
Cover it all one more time, be sure you let these layers dry well before adding another one. I always pick one spot on the Pinata and try not to put to many layers of paper on that spot. I call it the week spot, if you hit it there it will bust right open, but it is hard to find. LOL... FYI these types of pinatas are hard to break open.
After the final layer dries I will be adding paint.
The final detail painting finishes it off. I cut a 3 sided door type hole in the top, reach my hand inside and pull out the broken balloon. Add the goodies inside just before the time of breaking and hang in a strong tree.
After a little instruction on how the game is played.
Birthday Boy gets to go first.
I don't blind fold anyone, but they only get one swing at it the first time around.
any many more
She is putting all she has in to it.
He wants to break it open.
and so does she
There were lots of little goodies.
You never know what you might find in a pinata. :)
We finished our party with a bang!!!
Jeanne & I both hope you enjoyed these postings of Paul's 60th Birthday Party. We both agree that it was the funnest party we have ever thrown. Paul deserved it he is a great guy, Happy Birthday Paul

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